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    Mazda SkyActiv Diesel Engine

    Another article: Mazda 6 prototype diesel driven in Germany :
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    Mobile 1 esp 5w-40 in a gasser

    Oilhammer - yes, it makes alot of sense to use a diesel if you have a long commute. I used to do a 80 mile round trip most days, and that was not exceptional. I think quite a few cover much larger mileages, especially in the southeast where they might well commute to London from Bristol. Poor...
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    Mobile 1 esp 5w-40 in a gasser

    The OCI is at most 18,000 miles on the variable system. I think km and miles are being confused! PS: "your cities and countries are all so close together. " In individual countries, perhaps, but continental Europe is larger than the USA. Political Europe is smaller, and many measures are of...
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    Passat 1.9 tdi 130 awx, should i use 5w30 or 5w40 oil

    Dieseldorf has sorted it for you already, but as to the choice of alternatives, you could try Opie oils. I've bought from them several times, and they have quite a range. As for "better", no-one really knows, IMHO, despite the enthusiasm on here for seeking the holy grail:)
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    Report: Honda to abandon clean diesel development, focus on hybrids

    CEO Honda has today announced that a new smaller diesel is in development, and will be marketed in Europe in 2012. No further details.
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    Toyota Prius

    I drove a new Fiesta recently. I stopped and checked the tyre pressures, the steering was so weird. Felt like it had a spring between the wheel and rack, despite Ford Europe rep for decent handling. I'd suggest trying first!
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    "Our insurance won't allow you in here."

    I witnessed some years ago, in an engineering workshop, a battery explode under charge. Fools had made a very amateurish job, and the battery connectors slipped igniting hydrogen released during the charging process. Splinters of battery casing plus acid - one of the workers had eyeballs...
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    What is the oil change interval for European VW TDIs?

    Que? This part of Europe (UK) has the following guidance: "LongLife Service Regime We recommend this service if you are likely to drive more than 25 miles a day, and if you tend to drive in the following way: Regular long distance driving Driving at a constant speed with minimum vehicle and...
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    Shell v-power diesel

    EPA lists Nemo 2061 as an Innospec product. Ther's quite a bit about their markets e.g
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    I'm going to have to pass on this....

    We've already got road trains. Observe any busy M-way outside lane. BMW and Audi only though:)
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    Looking for factual technical info re 5W30 use in TDIs

    DBW: "In Europe they live far enough north that the Xw30's serve them quite well year around. Seldom do they get above 86F except rarely in the summer, how many Europeans even have A/C on their houses much less their cars?" Well some of us, in NW Europe, don't get 100F very often, but in more...
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    5,000 Mile Oil Change

    I think that in Europe VAG have reined in their recommendation on mileage. Its now 20,000 max, under ideal conditions. The "Time and Distance" regime @ 1year/10,000 miles is for less favourable conditions. More here:
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    One oil to rule them all...e.g. keeping things simple

    Ah - my mistake. Thanks for the explanation BTW. Not heard about this re gas VWs before. Perhaps the dilution is due to sulphur content? In UK there were concerns about the catalyst being poisoned by sulphur where the fuel was not sulphur free. Effect is more frequent purging: inevitable...
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    One oil to rule them all...e.g. keeping things simple

    "The Group III based, 5w-40's that are popular in Europe will also shear down significantly after only 3k miles in most turbo apps." And the result is? Empirical evidence from Europe (the largest operator of PD engines by magnitudes) is that the PD if given its diet of VW Norm oil is a long...
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    Suppose some idiot thought 505 00 ~ 505 01...

    Unless there is some other factor in NA, there is NO evidence that 505.01 is deficient. In other parts of the world there are vastly more PD engines in use, and they have a good reliabilty record -enginewise at least.