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    A/C when I didn't ask for it

    You have an automatic rear view mirror? What does it do?
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    Rear panel gets dirty fast

    Your English is improving! You could try a car wax which contains P.T.F.E.
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    New 2013 Passat TDI owner

    I think you will really like the Torque app as it offers outstanding customizability in gauge types (graphs, full and half dials, digital readouts, etc.), screen placement, number of pids to track, and even color themes. Bonus if a person already has an Android phone but worthwhile to go the...
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    Passat NMS VCDS Tricks / Upgrades

    Is the coming home/leaving home setting still turned on?
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    Passat NMS VCDS Tricks / Upgrades

    Set the cluster to "Germany" to get the radio to stay on until the driver's door opens when you turn off the ignition and you don't get the speed warning you do with the "Saudi Arabia" cluster setting. Works on my SEL and others report it works for them.
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    VW Exhaust Flap Extended Warranty letter

    It's a flap in the exhaust... Haha Here's a link with pics and discussion.
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    voltage increase

    Thanks for explaining... Makes sense. I'm willing to trade a few extra hours of bulb life to get more light output. With the daylight savings time, I'm driving in the dark in the morning now.
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    voltage increase

    How long have you had yours at 13.6v? Seems like that high would reduce bulb-life by a lot.
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    Random battery drain

    The car needs to be locked to enter low-current draw "sleep mode". Do you leave the key in the ignition and the car unlocked?
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    Random battery drain

    The car must be locked to go into sleep mode. The keys should not be left near the car if you have KESSY or the battery will drain. This is in the owners manual, I believe.
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    Traded 6M for DSG stay tuned

    Has anyone done this? I'd like to see photos of this.
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    TURBO: 2012-2014 Passat turbo failures [discussion thread]

    So, do all the NMS have this tendency to drift to the right? It's mildly irritating to me and I know it's not due to the crown of the road.
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    2012 Jetta paint problem

    My Reflex Silver Jetta (2012) had the exact same uneven paint look to it. It wasn't quite as pronounced as yours. The other day on the highway, I also noticed a NMS Passat (not sure what year but I bet 2012) in the same color with the same uneven paint job. However, the Passat I have now in...
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    Homelink lack of signal range

    That's the idea I thought I put into words...
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    Homelink lack of signal range

    The range has not been an issue for me, but the remote not sending a signal unless the car is running could be considered a security feature. Check out this security article link.