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    2 - 1-96 & 1-97 passat tdi's for sale, both wrecked, both run, both have titles

    Way back in 96 ? Kids. Yes, these are electronic pumps.
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    Downpipe source ?

    737-261 does not appear to be close to a 96 b4 with 1z/ahu engine. DEC VW3426 The seller stopped communicating with me after I asked for more details and a picture. Thanks for you help though.
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    Downpipe source ?

    The part numbers you provided didn't have pictures. I emailed the seller who did not provide the information necessary to get a warm and fuzzy feeling to buy their product. One of the numbers you provided was dead.
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    Downpipe source ?

    I received the downpipe I ordered from Premier_performance. Before someone else finds this thread let me announce to all, do NOT consider this pipe as anything other than a laughable excuse of cobbled together pieces and parts. The mig welding is so atrocious I wonder how long it will be...
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    Where exactly is 1Grizzly located ?
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    I didn't miss anything.
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    Please explain to me how gelled fuel could cause a no crank ?
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    howdee, pics of audi diesel...

    howdee, pics of audi diesel's+Diesel
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    Downpipe source ?

    Thanks for the suggestion. We need a cat here in Virginia, so I opted to purchased this one:
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    AT A LOSS!?!?!?

    The 3,000 rpm rev has nothing to do with timing (if the belt was put back on correctly), but certainly seems to be associated with iq setting since this occurred after the pump swap.
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    Brand new 2002 Golf GL 5MT only 54 miles $24K

    I'd hate to be the first person to turn the hvac blower motor on, they'd surely get a face of foam.
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    60+ days in the shop, still no diagnosis

    Unbelievable, but if you'll excuse me I'm going outside while I laugh at this start to finish mess. Assuming the pump did need to be resealed, then from there to the tank was just a step by step diagnostic, check and see type thing. No matter who says what, this was not a complicated repair.