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    Euro tunning 6th gear add on kit

    Hi Seems like there's 3 or 4 interested people here. .. I emailed them twice about quantity discounts but have not heard back... I was tempted to call them but I'd have to learn how to make international calls and probably have to get it added to my cell plan first .... I'm guessuing or...
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    New California smog checks.......

    Which tune do you prefer? malone or rc?
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    2015 golf tdi

    I've done tons of research on the golf 7. Bilstein makes a coilover kit for just over 1k as well as ST. Lowering springs they offer tend to lower the car too much. From what I've come across using a set of sport shocks and GTI springs would be a good route.
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    Mk7 High Mileage Thread

    do you have a picture of the springs on the car?
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    Upgrade head unit to Apple Carplay?
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    Upgrade head unit to Apple Carplay?

    Nope, just pickup a mib 2 headunit and brain box. Coding and tool rental is available from golfmk7 forum.
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    If I retrofit mk8 wheel with normal clicky buttons will they work?
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    How many miles on your TDI?

    15 tdi sel : 45k 02 jetta : 177k on chassis 100k on engine
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    Hatch Latch

    I think there's those little rubber donuts that adjust the closed position, maybe check those if they're there.
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    ALH - 11mm pump and 1019 nozzles summary

    My 1019’s with stage 3 Malone and 10mm pump smoke like a chimney and nothing seems to help..(IQ, timing). Is it normal?
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    Tires, Again

    I have heard very good things about continental extreme contact DWS
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    Upgrade head unit to Apple Carplay?

    Also, when I ordered parts they sent me a 6.5 inch screen from a 2017 that is CarPlay ready, I won’t be using it if you’re interested in it.
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    Upgrade head unit to Apple Carplay? Essentially you need the glove box unit and the screen from a 2016+ Golf (car-part). You will also need a new trim bezel (AliExpress) usb in cubby cable for CarPlay (AliExpress) and to rent...
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    U.S. Comeback?

    Kill off the Golf? I hope you're making jokes.
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    DieselGate Void Warranty

    As far as I know as long you keep receipts for genuine oils and filters you should be fine, I doubt they'd even request it.