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    My first TDI. A 2000 Jetta

    There are a few VIN code lookup sites that will give the paint code too.
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    Solar thread

    This is what I think also. A small, grid-independent PV array to run a heat pump mini split (combo AC/heater) combined with lots of thermal mass to hold the cold or heat. But it would very much depend on an individual home's architecture and layout. I've been reducing my heating/cooling bills...
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    A/C issue

    Welcome to the club; sorry you've been Mongled already. Did you have a shop check out the system yet? What setting work?
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    The M57 motor is proven, strong, and stout as can be. But the twin turbo control system is total garbage. They really needed to specify turbos with position feedback, like many other state of the art turbo cars. They cheaped out.
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    Diesel air fuel ratio (AFR)

    We have historical threads where this is discussed in detail. Look for the name tdimeister.
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    Its ok, I have a very good memory and I spend money..

    Yes, take this to vendor accountability thread where it belongs.
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    Cost-Effectiveness and Fun Factor of an ALH TDI?

    Nah, I think he should swap an ALH into a lifted Super Beetle on off-road tires.
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    EGR and cooler blockoff effect on mpg?

    Yes, this. For goodness sake, people make waaaay WAAAY tooo much of a big deal about such an inconsequential thing. EGR's clog up about once a DECADE now. Goodness, if you put 1/100th of this effort in just MAINTAINING THE CAR, you'd be way happier with it. Worry less. Drive more.
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    Help me understand "tuning" options if I want better fuel economy.

    Many tunes do in fact increase fuel economy at the expense of slightly more NOx emissions. When requesting a tune, let them know your desired attributes & goals.
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    Help me understand "tuning" options if I want better fuel economy.

    I guarantee if you get granular enough to build a spreadsheet like I did, it does. It dramatically increased warmup times in cool weather. That costs FE, Might not matter if all you do is mostly longish drives, but for the other 80% of people, it's a freaking huge effect.
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    Help me understand "tuning" options if I want better fuel economy.

    Restore your EGR to full factory-level OEM functioning. It's killing your winter FE in the PNW. I know. Been there, done that. It's costing you at least 3-8 mpg in winter. Stupid stupid stupid. Next, detune your right foot. A tune will improve fun factor and will typically HELP fuel economy a...
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    U.S. Comeback?

    Thank you. Not everything is so black & white. So tired of being pushed into corners of false dichotomies myself. Let's just pick the best we can, even if it's a mish-mash of different ideas.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Was a pleasure meeting you in person. Had to stop myself from dog-napping Elsa. What a beautiful and excellent pup!
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    Diesel price...

    Only Canuckistanians should post in this thread from now on. Everyone who needed to blow off steam has. Now stop it and let the weird Canucks get back to their Moose petting or whatever it is they do.
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    Buying & Selling TDIs? Read this first!!

    Ibid, that would be me. Club members are huge cheapskates. I've never seen any Tdi sell here unless it was a special unicorn, or a jalopy practically given away.