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    TDI 2.0 Comfortline breaks down for 6th time on the road. Towed again.

    I looked up the CTEK battery charger. It does not appear to have a battery conditioning mode where it desulfurizes the battery. It's possible the charger actually caused increased sulfurization on the plates. I had a battery fail very suddenly like this where its voltage one day was fine and...
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    Diesel Haiku

    White Touarag diesel Electric problems, oh It's a Volkswagen
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    Phoenix area TDI owners, post if you're still here

    Checking in from Moon Valley neighborhood here. Who's got the gtg? Where we going?
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    Tangentially related to EVs - Residential solar systems

    Yeah the water bladder would be my biggest concern. There are heavy gauge, 500 gallon water bladders with various certification levels; some even meet MILSPEC's for water transport & storage, but they're quite expensive. I'd not worry about an inverter or solar panels much. The hydronic unit...
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    Tangentially related to EVs - Residential solar systems

    Same here. I'm looking into just creating an augmented, grid-disconnected hvac system powered by solar panels: 3200 watts of panels, about 8 Inverter 220v water chiller My idea is to chill water during the day on free power to 'hold the cold' and help with peak shaving (I have an area under...
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    U.S. Comeback?

    I fully, 100% agree with you on the eGolf. That's how you 'save' the Golf. Regarding the Golf R though: They've sold 5 Golf R's this year. It's clearly a halo model with no customers. For a so-called 'halo' model to mean anything (i.e. drive customers to your door to sell other stuff), they...
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    U.S. Comeback?

    I hope VW makes a serious effort to electrify, and fast. They need a sub-$27k electric car. Their current lineup is too diluted & too bland. WT frank is an arteon? If they were smart, they'd retire the slow-selling and brand-diluting vehicles and put that money into real EV development: Kill...
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    2014 JSW road trip report

    I bought my first I bought my first Tdi from them, a 2002 blue Jetta w/leather, back in 2004.
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    'Bam! Love me some lay-down of the TCO facts. Electric car's TCO beats the crap out of any ICE car, only you have to be rich to capitalize one in the first place. That's the problem. We need cheaper cost to acquire electric vehicles, which is why I'm hoping Aptera succeeds.
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    $500 to get to 150HP from an ALH?

    You want finely atomized diesel and nitrous oxide fog under 18psi at around 200f in your intake tract? That's a rolling bomb with a short fuse.
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    Continuing COVID changing your driving habits?

    It was fun, until it wasn't. Always one a-hole has to be partisan.
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    Continuing COVID changing your driving habits?

    Remember what I said about copy pasted, unoriginal, or partisan posts? Yeah. Boring. I'm going to shut it down on the next regurgitated talk show bullcrap. Original means just that. Move on to another topic. Amsoil~! Debate....
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    Continuing COVID changing your driving habits?

    I'm going to let you guys continue to talk issues. Not politics. You seem to need to vent amongst a group you like and trust. I get it. Any partisan stuff will get this shut down. Issues only. Original thoughts. No copy/pasted stuff.
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    Continuing COVID changing your driving habits?

    We forgot to talk about Chernobyl. What are your thoughts? lol. And, what Amsoil should I run in my Tdi?
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    Continuing COVID changing your driving habits?

    Seems like this thread is becoming a catch all for a bunch of angst. Holy crap, we're so random, lol. So far, and I've only gotten to page 7, we've got COVID, vaccines, unemployment, tree stumps, confederate stores, ten gazillion 'gubmint' conspiracies, fifteen flavors of 'freedom(s)', pre-FDA...