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    turbo technical database

    Hi, does anyone know the differences in compressor wheel (if any) of these two BMW GTB2260VK turbos? #1 Garrett 758351-5024S #2 Garrett 777853-5006S Also, do the turbines differ? Both are GTB2260VKs, so I would think the turbine should be the same, but who knows for sure... Regards
  2. nexus665 - ...Energy Fix: A 55 MPH Speed Limit

    bizzle, being factually correct just to be able to say "I'm right" while at the same time purposefully ignoring all evidence pointing at the futility of such claims just makes you look more ridiculous and like a pencil pushing pilot of paragraphs. You will note - if you do read closely - that I...
  3. nexus665 - ...Energy Fix: A 55 MPH Speed Limit

    bizzle, maybe the law is flawed (as has been discussed here ad absurdum), so the ones following it are misguided - in any case, the only sense I see in your posts is to deride others - weak. In this case, sensible law-abiding citizens should push for legislation changes instead of just pointing...
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    1.9 tdi ve - GT28xxR

    What he was probably talking about was high rpm at high IQ with large nozzles - since high performance is what you want a large pump head for, really, and it's where others have problems. This is why people are asking, as you should know :) Hope you'll have a video with high rpm AND high...
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    Hx30 turbo on BEW

    What to do would be not to go off half-cocked at anyone who dares to mention that there might be a few holes in your plan - since there really are more of those than spots where you have it all figured out. Also, saving up a bit until you can afford all you need or manage to find it used is a...
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    Top end power loss???

    Hi, there could be several reasons why you aren't getting boost - the code seems to say that the MAF has a short to plus, i.e. the MAF signal isn't readable. Now, your car has a smoke limiter, which is air mass based, so it needs the MAF signal to work correctly. If it cannot read the MAF...
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    How fast have you run your TDI?

    Golf 4 ALH (European) Original engine and gearbox: 195 kp/h GPS on a loooooooooong straight. Like, about 10 miles, ideally with a bit of a tailwind ;) Downhill, about 205 GPS, same applies, being very homesick is said to have helped pull... All this on german Autobahns, obviously - no way...
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    Can't open drivers door after my "repair"

    Hiya, had the exact same thing happen to me. You can get it to open again by (somewhat forcibly, I'm afraid, didn't find any other way) removing the inner door cover with the door closed (yes, it's possible - though it's not meant to be removed that way). Other than that, you'd have to use car...
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    Is 200hp fast?

    Exactly - so what is torque without RPM? Not too relevant ;) Torque does not move the car. Work done = force * distance If you remove the distance, all you have left is force. Regards
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    Is 200hp fast?

    Hi, so what does having more torque gain you? What actually moves your car - torque or horsepower? By definition, it is horsepower - which is calculated from torque at specific rpm. That's also why it's called power-to-weight ratio and not torque-to-weight ratio. So if you have 177 ft-lbs of...
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    vp110 vs pd115 con rods

    Sorry. My bad :D Phrased that unclearly...of course I meant PD pistons need trapezoid con-rods (wrote it too, but in a roundabout way)...should re-read twice, not once I guess ^^ Regards
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    vp110 vs pd115 con rods

    Hi, if you have VP pistons, you'll need VP (non-trapezoid) con-rods to fit them. So if you want to use the PD ones, you'll need matching pistons as well... That said, the trapezoid small end gives more stability to the piston moving up and down on the conrod - there is less chance of the...
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    Is 200hp fast?

    That dragsters are just diesels waiting to come out of the closet? ^^ (when the spark plugs are burned away...) Anyway, it's all in the eye of the beholder. 200whp will feel faster than 200bhp, and one person's "wow that's quick" is another person's "yawn, my corvette will do that in xxx"...
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    Golf 4 PD150 - GTB2260VKLR bb

    And here I thought this was JTTs thread, not prodrive's look at my turbos thread? Sorry to interrupt - but I'd sure like to read more from JTT ;) BTW, thanks for confirming my opinion of maxspeedingrods. Regards
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    RPM's: Break Through??

    Basically, if you can inject enough fuel in a short enough window, you can rev a diesel that high, no questions about it. There are drag diesels that do and deliver good power up to about that rpm level as in the car above. The WR diesel truck revs even higher. If the CR injection system in...