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    HowTo: RNS-510 Installation + Coding ('09 Jetta)

    3 VW techs cannot find compass module in my 2012 JSW with pano roof. Any other spots it could be located?
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    Location of compass module in Jetta SportWagen (Please help!)

    2 VW techs from 2 dealerships, plus me, cannot find the compass module in my 2012 JSW with pano roof.
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    mkv overhead console removal

    Please Repost with Pictures Please repost with pictures again. Thanks
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    FS: Complete Part Out of mkV 2006 Jetta TDI

    I would like the tranny. Need one right now for my 2006 Jetta TDI.
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    Jetta stutters slightly under load...

    If I hit a pretty steep incline I can feel a slight stutter, almost like a misfire on a gas engine. It also happens if I accelerate a little harder than normal. Is this an engine issue or a DSG transmission problem. Car is a 2006 TDI with DSG tranny. 199K miles.
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    A/C Problems

    When you talk about air control, are you talking about the little wheel underneath the vent or something else? RossTech emailed me back and said I need a new cable that reads the CAN data. My Hex-USB cable will not do that. Which little valve are you talking about and where is it located...
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    A/C Problems

    I have on 05.5 Jetta with 175K. Last summer the A/C would only come on after about 5 or 10 minutes and blow very cold. This year as the weather has warmed up, I found the A/C does not come on at all, AND, there is no air coming out the center vents. Even on fan mode, no air comes out the...
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    Cannot Get VagCom to See HVAC and Other Stuff

    My A/C is not working and I am trying to see what is going on using VagCom. I am running the latest version of VagCom and have an HEX-USB cable from RossTech. My Jetta is an 05.5 which makes it a MK V. However if I pick that Jetta model for an autoscan it scans only the engine and trany...
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    Camshaft Failure

    I typed camshaft and got nothing in the search
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    Camshaft Failure

    2006 TDI with 145K on it and my camshaft, valve lifters, bearing, and timing belt are all being replaced due to a failure in whatever controls the camshaft. Car started making a clicking sound after a couple weeks of strange groaning sounds upon stopping and driving slow. This all follows a...
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    2006 Jetta Stumbles on Acceleration and Hills

    My Jetta has been a great TDI. It has 135K on it and I drove 90 miles daily. Over the last 5K the car now stumbles and hesitates a bit when I accelerate more than just lightly. It happens in any gear. While it use to eat big hills with delight, now it is having a hard time getting up the...
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    Post Treg Pictures - Looking for Cranberry and Sapphire

    Having had grey, black, silver, green Audis and VW's since 99 my wife would like a different color. These are Cranberry and Sapphire. No offense to those with white, but she had a white SHO one time and swore to never have another white car. Go figure. Thanks in advance.
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    Suddenly only 38mpg on the highway

    What is power service silver?
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    Suddenly only 38mpg on the highway

    I have a daily drive of about 45 miles on mostly 55 mph roads. I have driven this for the past 18 months and now have 67K on my 06 Jetta TDI. I use to religiously get 42mpg. I had to put new tires on the car but replaced them with the same OEM tires. Even if I baby the car and try all...