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    stop the use of DPF fluid

    LOL, the OP is correct. We should stop using DPF fluid and use DEF instead. :)
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    Water prevention in today’s diesel

    I'm not familiar with Hotshots at all. How lucky do you feel? Play it safe by treating EVERY tankful with the PS Diesel Fuel Supplement (white bottle). Avoiding water is particularly important during winter months in cold areas due to condensation being more of a problem in winter. My...
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    Water prevention in today’s diesel

    PS Diesel Kleen (silver bottle) doesn't do anything for water. PS DIesel Kleen is a summer only formula. That's why I absolutely will not use it. What would be better to use is PowerService Diesel Fuel Supplement (white bottle) and use it year round. The white bottle stuff contains a...
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    100,000 miles since oil change. Dont be like me.

    Holy deleted expletive!
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    My Beetle Died in the Highway

    It's already too late for that. The engine was still spinning the moment it died on the highway. Unless you are Superman and faster than a speeding bullet, it is impossible to get the engine completely stopped in time before the first valve and piston contact occurs. The OP already tried...
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    The fact that they wouldn't give you a service report is disturbing. Take it to another dealer, one that is competent for an accurate diagnosis and will give a service report. Please post what codes are stored. It could be that something as simple as a failing thermostat causing the engine to...
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    Twinkieflyer, How does the dealer KNOW the DPF needs to be replaced? How did they determine that? What BMW specific codes are stored? 75k miles is way too early to need a DPF replacement. I'm only at 160k miles on my 2014 535dx (July 2013 build) with no DPF issues. My 2012 X5 35d is only at...
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    Oil for summer vs winter (New England)

    Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic 5W-40 year round.
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    Blow of valve

    From the old TDIFAQ (I can't find the link anymore on this site): LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! At least the old TDIFAQ says I should LOL!!! :)
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    Happy 19th anniversary to this thread! Keep those gas station fillup stories coming! :D
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    Exhaust belch at start

    NORMAL for an ALH engine TDI during the winter months in cold areas during a cold start.
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    06 Jetta gelling?

    The fuel filter could have been icing up due to water from condensation in the fuel :eek: and not actually gelling. Glad you got it fixed. -5F temps are cold enough for icing due to water but still too warm for gelling, assuming the fuel is properly winterized and/or the anti-gel additive took...
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    Who sells the best diesel in New England?

    I recommend Haffner's ("It Kicks!"). Gasoline, LOL. You have a Haffner's in Haverhill at 73 Plaistow Road, Haverhill, MA 01830, and many other locations around you. I have fueled up at Haffner's in Hudson NH for many years and it's a high turnover station...
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    Who sells the best diesel in New England?

    If I had to pick a name brand of best diesel in the New England states region, it would be IRVING, based in Canada.
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    Who sells the best diesel in New England?

    What jayb79 and autoguru21 said. Get your diesel fuel where everybody else does in your area. Go where the big rigs go to fuel up along major routes. Always use an additive with every tankful to take care of any water you can't avoid getting and to increase lubricity. My two favorite...