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    FS: SDI type cast manifolds (fit 8v TDI) Think 'performance mod'.

    Winter bump. Yes, 1 manifold is still available.
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    FS: SDI type cast manifolds (fit 8v TDI) Think 'performance mod'.

    I've been away from the boards for some time and had an inquiry as to whether I have one of these manifolds left, and indeed I do. PM me if interested. Thanks.
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    Mounts: OEM vs 034 vs BFI

    034 dogbone shredded in less than 27,000 miles on my car. I put the OEM one back in until I figure out what to do next. Issue was with the round pressed in bushing at the front of the mount. I hope the engine mounts last a fair bit longer ;)
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    Use of Additives with B2 vs D2

    The testing results: Thread:
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    Any trusted TDI mechanics near Blacksburg, VA

    Very good to know they are there. I have family in Floyd, albeit with no TDI. But seeing how I've been looking at property down there for a while now...good to see there is a possible quality shop!
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    Intake manifold upgrade

    Photo in that link(below quote) is my 2002 MKIV Golf. Works. :) Original Poster... If you plan on running the Turbo Inlet Pipe through the stock location, you will very likely need to grind that CCV port on the front of the 1Y manifold and fill the hole into the plenum. The 1X manifold require...
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    FS: SDI type cast manifolds (fit 8v TDI) Think 'performance mod'.

    I have one of these manifolds left. Drop a line if you're interested.
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    Power window repair

    Were the window clips plastic or metal? I don't know off the top of my head if 2004 MKIVs had the metal clips or not. If yours were plastic, you may want to update before the plastic shatters. I had my passenger side window crash on me... Check this photo to compare what was in your door...
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    Bigger downpipe = adjustment in boost?

    Weather plays a roll in overboost too. I would see creep on cold days (winter 30s and below), and never on hotter(Spring/Summer/early Fall) days. 2.5" on a vnt15 RC III ASV tune. Saw the creep prior to adding R32 intake snorkle. Large 6"x6"x8" SMIC in use w/ healthy ducting and rear venting...
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    TDI lite flywheel

    MeTsU - Daily Driver on my 14lb single mass.
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    Brake Booster Failure?

    Meant to revive this thread. Repair completed. This thread is a great DIY - Couple of additional points. Remove the metal knee bash plate under the steering column to...
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    Any MD, DC, Va local TDI around

    NoVA here.(NW Fairfax County) Just finished replacing the brake booster on my car a couple days ago. Wasn't as painful to do as I though it'd be ;) cheers.
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    TDI lite flywheel

    Since when? Realizing you all have different models over there, but I never worry about stalling the engine running a 14lb flywheel. Again, I never have this issue. I can roll from a stop letting the clutch out and not needing to feather the throttle. I can do so go up slight inclines as well...