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    Odometer rollback possible ??

    Found this : Only problem is I only have three vins with my VCDS.
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    Odometer rollback possible ??

    Apparently there is some kind of device which if plugged into the OBD port can change the odometer. Hard for me to believe it would be so easy and if it's even possible I would think it would store a code for the change.
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    Odometer rollback possible ??

    Hey guys. Been a while since posting here. Everything still great with my 2016 SEL TDI sportwagen 6mt except that the driver side heated seat stopped working. But the reason for this post is that I'm looking to buy a 2014 VW TDI Amarok 4x4 pickup and I've been warned about odometer rollbacks...
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    Extended warranty on Mexican 2016 TDI Sportswagen SE

    Thanks for posting this, I'm getting close to my warranty expiration as well. How did they fix your sunroof ? Did you/do you still have the spider traps in place ? I don't think Mexican diesel has any bio in it, so a good idea to add lubricity to the tank. They sell Kleen Diesel here.
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    Highest Mileage EA288's?

    26k on my 2016 and my rear brakes have howled since new when braking and backing up as well Embarrassing mostly, very loud. Seems to be worst after exposure to moisture At least my pano roof doesn't leak anymore !
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    Maybe I'm crazy, but may buy a tdi again

    If you're missing great mpg's then the CRV won't fill the bill, and it will be a lot slower and boring to drive with problematic CVT's
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    DIY - GSW pano roof drain tube end cap removal

    The orange flaps can simply be removed by sliding them down/off the rubber extension shown in the pics , no snipping required Great write up btw.
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    Broken radiator left me stranded in Guadalajara

    Bum luck, especially on a road trip ! Let me know if you need any help in GDL
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    20k service question

    Probably/hopefully it just needs to driven for more than 10 miles to allow for a good regeneration
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    What is the PO5 GTI SE package ?

    The list of options for my 16 SEL car includes "PO5 GTI SE package" What could that be ?
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    New Manual SEL GSW Owner

    Love the two tone SEL seats ! Congrats !
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    Has anyone upgraded the underbelly on the Golf

    Which version did you guys get ? Mine has a single ventilation cutout which I think is the DSG version, although I certainly can't see any harm in having it on a 6mt.