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    What is this brake line part number

    Could be this one?
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    Blown headgasket?

    Normally the head is removed to verify said blown head gasket and to look for collateral damage. I am sure somoni else will respond, but you really need to diagnose the full scope of issues here before loading parts canon. Here is a link to basically what your next move is...
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    trans removal and clutch replacement.

    Why are you unable to get the1/4 turn? These folks know almost all the tricks. They will help. Cheers Never mind. Glad it's working.
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    Headliner adhesive that works?

    It gives a degree of protection. It's not bare steel with sharp edges and crap. Will there be a manufacturing code? Doubt it. The standard is likly set by your wallet. Cheers
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    06 Brm jetta 5mt

    You should check your motor mounts. New stuff can break. Cheers
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    Radiator Fan Electrical Gremlin?

    No clue as to what you are working on? I do believe most automobiles have the capacity to cool with ignition shut off. There is a pretty comprehensive diagnostic thread in 101. Cheers
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    2004 BEW A/C

    Like this? Cheers
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    P0401 and P2002

    Probably a good idea to see how good your warranty is then. Update what they find, There will be other intrested people. Good luck Cheers
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    What happens if I cross the fuel lines at the filter? AGR

    Life is tough, then you die. Why make it tougher? If we were talking face to face, would you all respond the same? I would have walked away long ago. You are your worst enemy. Phew!
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    Source for gold plated injection pump harness pins?

    That's pretty subjective, yes many simple and dissimilar metals corrode when in the presence of oxygen. This is why we use a product called dielectric grease. Or at least that's what I use. It's cheaper than gold. Cheers
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    2004 Jetta BEW cranks, no start.

    So anyways if I see someone in need helo. repair I will be sure too see if you would help out. Cheers
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    2004 Jetta BEW cranks, no start.

    In order to learn, somtime you need to change how you think. You have/had? Oilhammers attention. I would start picking up what he is laying down. Not trying to bash but you came for help, try it. Cheers
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    2004 Jetta BEW cranks, no start.

    Diagnostic is not my strong point. At least not when compared to some wizards on this form. If your 109 is not activating, what else is not. And I think it receives signal from ignition. Cheers
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    2004 Jetta BEW cranks, no start.

    I will take a flyer and suggest ignition switch. Cheers
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    Random rev in neutral, engine shuts off?

    I reread your first post. Thought you were doing the blip, but now I see it is doing it on its own. Weird. cheers