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    Kayaking with Jetta

    Can't fault you for the Kia, they are one of the only with 100k warranty on the power train and they are pretty reliable, souless, rides. :) Can you share the rack, cradle and outriggers you are using (part numbers if possible)? It looks like a perfect setup for what I'm looking for. Thanks!
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    Been a while....need opinions/help 2014 Jetta TDI

    If you don't have Tb tools, buy a kit from Metalnerd, many of the tools can be used across most of the 2006-2015 TDI Jetta/Golf cars. If you've done the work before, the stud method is a no brainer. If it's your first, I'd say maybe take the time...
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    MK6 Golf TDI 6MT - P2002 Error - dealer blaming "modified BCM"

    So I never updated, again BUT they reset the ECM, cleared codes, did test procedures and gave car back. Then, approx. 600 miles later, P2002 code came back, took back to them, they diagnosed stuck injector #3, replaced it. Then... about 400 miles later, P2002 came back, I'll be taking in next...
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    2 Catalytic converters?

    This might sound strange, but could an "off-road" MK6/MK7 TDI actually use the EDC17 or some other passive sulfur cat to cut down on smells? #askingforafriend
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    Kayaking with Jetta

    Thank you all very much! Hopefully other people will get sucked into the thread with more info, this is great!
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    Kayaking with Jetta

    No, not IN the Jetta silly... I'm looking for a solution to transporting kayaks with a Jetta TDI. Do any of you know of a good way to do this? Roof rack? Hitch and mount? Hitch + trailer maybe? Welcoming any and all recommendations and feedback on known wins and fails at this. Thanks!
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    Looking forward to learning more as well. Have done an Xman CP3 he was great to work with, turbo and fuel pump came quick, complete and running great. Any progress or update on how it failed after 150 miles and how is the car?
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    Black Haze Workshops downpipe? *Updated*

    I have a little update here as I did order a kit from BH and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. I ran into an amazingly maddening loop of no communication then miscommunication with MRTuning directly, just like others above so figured I'd see how the BH dp kit was compared to the other vendor's...
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    KermaTDI Super19 Turbo installed.......WOW!..........

    Thanks for that! I've come quite a long ways since then and I've definitely responded to old messages like that. :) I've done a hyrid and few CR170's and CP3's so I figured it all out since then. Maybe so..... ha ha, I totally forgot I'd posted that.
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    MK6 Golf TDI 6MT - P2002 Error - dealer blaming "modified BCM"

    It is but until they actually fix it, warranty is up OR I actually get tired of dealing with it and hit a pothole and lose some parts, I'm gonna keep after it. Here's the more detailed story, the OP was kept shorter but covered the bases. I bought it used 3yr ago with 164,551 miles in the...
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    Best chip tune for 2011 jetta

    No idea what that is but go visit one of these vendors sites and USE GOOGLE from there or search in here. Read here to learn more about the filter...
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    MK6 Golf TDI 6MT - P2002 Error - dealer blaming "modified BCM"

    Ha ha, I guess it was kind of silly to ask but in my defense, they have, in the past been good to me and I really just wanted to see if you guys had ever heard of such a response. I'm staying calm for now (the freak out was in my head, at home), for sure. The service advisor is not the bad...
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    Best chip tune for 2011 jetta

    Whatever tune you end up with DO NOT put a CAI (or a K&N) in your car. Factory filter with winter "pre" filter are best for our cars. :)
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    MK6 Golf TDI 6MT - P2002 Error - dealer blaming "modified BCM"

    Yes, you read that right, BCM modified is why they stopped trouble shooting. I got the text message about the service, saw "Modified" and had a little freak out, called, explained I definitely hadn't tuned my car. ALSO asked, how, exactly, did they replace my DPF twice and thermostat with a...
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    CR140 Stage 3

    I think the idea is no WOT (keep your foot out of it) under 2k and keep WOT revs in 5 and 6th under 4k but I think the 4/5th gear rule of thumb is more for the clutch pack than the DMF. My understanding is most of the DSG tunes are written to hold "up to" 400ft/lb of torque.