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    Drop in MPG after KESSY "did something"

    Never heard of anything like this BUT want to follow, that's really odd.
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    Got my Malone Stage 3 done!

    Thanks for the response! Going this route as it's said to bring in boost earlier and better than the CR170 and give a bit wider power band. I will mention the IC to him and will ask about EGT max...
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    Got my Malone Stage 3 done!

    I was wondering if you still have your car and how it (namely the tranny) I holding up after all these years and I'm sure, often spirited drives. I have a buddy with and off-road TDI (Buzzken + Malone stage 2 and DSG tune) that is thinking about doing one of the Hybrid CR140 from XMan, CP3 and...
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    CR140 Stage 3

    Sorry, it needs to be upgrade if going from CR140 to CR170 (which is what that Borg part is for) or I think there is also a Neuspeed part that some people opt to go with. I've only used the Borg damper and don't know what the difference OR why you'd do Neuspeed over the Borg part.
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    CR140 Stage 3

    Both are what we, in the US, have to upgrade/change out when we do the CR170. Both can be purchased from a club sponsor >>> and here is video of the top part install . The bottom part is the...
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    Unofficial MK7 Oil Change Guide

    i have a few old ones and couple new I work on, that tool was the cleanest change I've done in quite awhile. I couldn't believe it, not a single drop NOT where it should have been. Not on the EGR cooler pipe (MK6) and not on my face or down my flipping arm (traditional MK7). Ha ha ha
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    Unofficial MK7 Oil Change Guide

    I don't know if you guys have seen this tool from ID Parts but its GENIUS and works great!
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    Chirping at idle and low Rpms.

    Show them the tread, the video and hope they have a shred of common sense. If not common sense, maybe they'd love to stop wasting their shop time and even your time NOT fixing the actual issue. Obviously you aren't crazy, making it up or trying to be a pain but if they watch the content here...
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    ***Official maintenance schedule for your VW [PDFs inside]***

    Definitely is 120k miles and can be found in the OP were this link is >>>> 2010 Model Year Vws (Except Touareg) "Timing belt: Replace (2.0L TDI only)"
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    Oil Filter every 10,000 miles is overkill?

    *To have a dealer replace, I think that is close to the cost. Never had a dealer do that work on any of mine but it's spendy, even at 100-120k mile intervals. All I know is that regular and timely maintenance (and some car washes) will keep these things on the road for many many happy miles in...
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    Oil Filter every 10,000 miles is overkill?

    I think he just means he uses a VW OEM filter, maybe from the dealer or the other various sources.
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    Omaha, NE chat thread

    We haven't (I've done the same in my Golf, no A/C, no care. We don't have the tools to test parts but replacing and having dealer fill or a shop could be a possibility.
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    schaeffers 5w40 change?

    I think he has a BEW from his profile and also if he has an old jug of 9000 on hand already. Definitely not for DPF cars, definitely not 507.00 spec.
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    2015 Jetta Single Mass Flywheel Damage

    Sucks to see this, the SMF are transmission killers in the 2009+ TDI's but now you (the shop) and the customer know that. Hard and expensive lesson to learn.
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    Time for tires

    I'll answer with what I run on my TDI's but will also point you to a resource I stumbled into that really blew me away and I now share a hand full of his videos when friends asking about tire stuff. So first, I prefer, have always preferred, Continentals on my VW's. They are a great tire...