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    Does anybody have MK4 2.0/TDI Axles? SW Ontario

    Hey everyone, does anybody have good working MK4 2.0/TDI Axles in southwestern ontario? Thanks
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    MK4 ALH - Parting out car/engine - Can I remote IP easily?

    Hello everyone, I'm parting out my spare ALH and the buyer doesn't want the injection pump. Is there any easy way to remove the injection pump without disrupting too much?? I realize it is belt driven by the timing belt.
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    MK4 TDI rear wheel this normal?

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of doing the driver side rear wheel bearing/brakes and as I started on the rear passenger side I noticed that it makes a slight noise. I'm not sure if this is fine or not as the bearing without load may sound a bit different but I wanted to ask since if I'm...
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    Anybody using a forced air heater in their home garage?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to add some warmth to my cold garage. I have to insulate it better and rebuild it in the spring/summer but for this winter I want to pickup a propane forced air heater. Electric is out of the question as I do not have 220v and those 110v heaters don't work well enough for...
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    2007 Jetta City 2.0 Axle into MK4 TDI?

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a driver's axle as my fairly new cardone select trash decided to fail in about 5k since installing it. I found a 2007 Jetta City 2.0 and although I know this is still somewhat a 'mk4'...does anybody know if a 2007 Jetta City 2.0l axle will work on a mk4 TDI manual...
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    WTB: MK4 TDI/2.0 Drivers Axle

    Well...Cardone Select has given me the shaft twice now. First they sent me an axle with it's joint popped out and now...nearly 5000km later the other axle has started to '**** the bed' :mad: Does anybody have a good condition driver's axle for sale? Hoping to find something in or close to...
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    FYI - Cardone Select Axles are made in China

    Hey guys, My driver side axle decided to give me grief two weeks ago. I scoured the internet for my options. Option #1 - Rebuild with all German inside/outside joints. As I want to do an allignment after, I wanted to rebuild both my axles and be done with the drivetrain. I looked at the price...
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    My keys fell into a bucket of diesel -- now key fob dead

    Long story short, I was cleaning bearings for my bike so I had a small bucket of diesel. A few days later, I was reaching over and somehow the keys fell into that small bucket. Great. So I quickly removed the battery and let the key fob air out. Now the key fob will not respond. No red light...
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    Removing axles - Grease on inner joint-to-transmission

    Hey guys, I've removed both my axles off my car to do the outer boots on them and noticed that the inner joint part of the axle (that bolts to the transmission) has grease on it. As it took me a bit to remove the axles, some debris got onto the innner part grease on the axle. Is there any...
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    Mk4 BEW - upgrade to ALH boost hoses + IC?

    Hey guys, our 2004 mk4 BEW leaks like a son of a on those weak connector clips for the boost hoses. I have a spare set of ALH piping with intercooler and I was thinking to install it and be done with leaks. Before I do this, I wanted to confirm that the alh MAP sensor should be fine or should...
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    Could this be imminent turbo/engine failure? Black smoke, horrible iT

    Hello everyone, Let me start off with the history of my 03 ALH wagon. When I was viewing the car, I was never informed of the current limp mode condition that the previous owner was experiencing. I took the car for a test drive and it seemed to drive fine. Paid for the car and it was fine for...
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    MK4 BEW - odd griding feeling/noise shifting into 5th

    Hey guys, our 04 BEW TDI has been experiencing an odd feeling/noise when shifting into 5th gear. All gears 1-4 shift great but when you go from 4th to 5th, you need to feather it very lightly or else you will experience a slight high pitched grind noise and you can lightly feel it in the...
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    Does anybody do or have a recommendation for Micro Soldering?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to do some laptop upgrades/modifications for a higher resolution display. I need to have a few small wires soldered onto my motherboard to get this modification to work. Does anybody do Micro soldering or has a recommendation for a place to go? I can't seem to find...
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    WTB - MK4 hub caps in kitchener -burlington today

    Hey everyone...looking for a spare set of hub caps to pickup for my mk4. My steelies look horrible and are an eyesore haha. If anybody has a stock set please let know. I'm in cambridge - burlington today
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    Long shot - any members in or near Baie-Comeau, QC?

    Hello guys, just wondering if anybody here lives in or close to Baie-Comeau, QC? Thank you