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    headbolt torque

    procedure to re-tighten the 1.6 headbolts If you have a leak, i doubt re-tightening is going to fix that. But the procedure from my Haynes Repair Manual VW Rabbit Diesel 1977 thru 1984 is as follows: In 1981 there was a change of head bolts and different torque but the procedure is the...
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    headbolt torque

    If i had a head bolt that bottomed out too soon i would immediately pull the head off and check that hole for something in it, then i would blow it out but cover the engine block so dirt does not get in it.
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    98 Jetta no fuel at injectors

    Could the fuel shut off solenoid be stopping the mity-vac from sucking fuel thru the IP? Would a small 12 jumper wire activate the solenoid so fuel would suck thru when trying to prime? Another thing to check is all the return lines between the injectors and the one cap.
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    1997 Passat, What is the block under Exhaust down pipe

    Thanks Now i will just leave mine off as i could always replace it if i feel some vibration that I feel would warrant replacing it. No use carrying that bit of extra weight every where the car goes.
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    1997 Passat, What is the block under Exhaust down pipe

    I hope that some one can tell me why there is a solid metal block bolted to frame under the back side of the engine approximately where the exhaust down pipe is. Why is it there, what is it's purpose? The block is quite heavy and attached by four bolts. The dimensions are about 5 5/16" X 4"...
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    Do you smoke with bigger holes? Look here

    Diesel parts I would never recommend any one purchase anything from hansdieselparts, I have purchased a few things from them and everything i have tried to use has been ****, just pure junk. Even the special tool to remove the tamper proof bolt from the top of the injector pump was just...
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    Frequently asked Questions

    1995 A3 jetta diesel repair manual???? I have found manuals on ebay that i could not otherwise find; amazon might also be good. For example i found a like new owners manual and service manual for my 79 VW and that was great.
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    odd no start issue

    Cannon plug What and where is the Cannon plug located? Where is source that i could order one of the few remaining. My Passat will not start. At about 50 degrees it will not start and sends no power to the glow plugs but if i unplug the temp sensor then when the key is turned on it does...
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    Temp gauge or sensor?

    Just my opinion but i would replace the Thermostat as that is what is sounds like to me and that is cheap. When the thermostat opens it would drop the gauge that fast as its been holding all the coolant back.