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    06 to 96 trans swap

    Starting with the mk4 cars (1999), the motor/trans mounts use a lower dogbone looking mount that connects to the bell housing of the transmission. The 1996 trans will not have that mounting boss. -Dave
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    MK2 ALH (Build Thread)

    Except, maybe.... your mk2 came with the 020 rod shift transmission, and the mk4's are an 02A cable shift transmission. so the axles 'should' be ok, but you can't swap flanges between the 020 and 02J. -Dave
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    MK2 ALH (Build Thread)

    Since Fabless sells a front crossmember kit for the 4cyl w/ 02J, and a 6cyl kit with the 02M, I would think they could mix and match, putting the 02M trans mount into the 4cyl kit. I'd suggest giving them a call. -Dave 6 cylinder kit 4 cylinder kit
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    MK2 ALH (Build Thread)

    The traditional method is to convert a syncro rear end to fit the haldex rear diff. Like DutchBuild The mk2 is very similar to the Corrado, there's alot of info out there for converting Corrados. Here's a good place to start. If you aren't a purist, there are lots of other RWD or AWD cars...
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    MK2 ALH (Build Thread)

    What is your plan for mounting the rear diff in the mk2 Jetta? -Dave
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    jhax's Built ALH into a MK2 Golf thread

    AWD corrado build thread on VWVortex from years ago and yet: “i just took the heater/ac box out of my rado last night and corrado and R32 boxes are pretty much identical.” -Dave
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    MK2 ALH (Build Thread)

    PoorKing: Don't confuse the "gearset", ie: the cogs that mesh together to transmit rotation, with the ring and pinion. The ring gear is on the differential, and both output shafts in the 02M are the pinions. It may be possible to use a newer 02Q transmission as a source for both gearset and...
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    MK2 ALH (Build Thread)

    facebook link
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    MK2 ALH (Build Thread)

    Let's clear up something: DXW and DRW both 02M transmissions. DXW and DRW share the same gears. The DXW, in factory form, does not have 6th. The 6th gear from a DRW drops in where the spacer is on the DWX to give you a 6th gear. The two transmissions vary in the final drives, so the two...
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    MK2 ALH (Build Thread)

    180mph needs ~300hp (according to some online calculator) to overcome aero resistance in a mk2, plus whatever engine/trans drag will be, so say 350hp. That's alot for an ALH that's stock at 90hp. 150hp is bolt on easy. 200hp is doable. Beyond that takes more and more $$$. What is the...
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    MK2 ALH (Build Thread)

    This sounds like fun. The 02A/02J series all-wheel-drive gearbox is the 02C. The 02C dates back to the 1990 g60 Passat in North America, and was still used in the mk4 era, with some minor changes for the new motor mounts. The syncro AWD system from the 90's is passive, vs the active haldex from...
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    ALH/MK1 Radiator and Intercooler

    Which MK1 radiator did you use? The stock NA diesel rad was wider than the mk1 GTI rad. I used the GTI rad and pushed it fully to the right. I had a custom intercooler built by Bell, it sits in front of the rad. I had to clearance the front support to mount the intercooler, and it's a very...
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    Mk4 cruise control to 4 wire switch

    It's been working for me for, wow, 14 years. I assume the vanagon controls are the same as FWD cars from that era. If it doesn't work, play around with the wiring and watch the ECU in Vagcom. If your ECU is the earlier 80 pin, I guess you can compare the earlier ALH ( 80 pin ) vs later ALH...
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    Mk4 cruise control to 4 wire switch -Dave
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    what guages to add

    In my Rabbit swap: Top row: EGT, boost, transmission oil temp (sensor under 5th/6th gear) bottom row: volts, oil pressure, oil temp. And there's an hour meter hidden under the dash. -Dave