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    Sad times

    For those who remember him, Patrick Condon, known as Twinsdad on this site sadly passed away yesterday. He leaves his three children behind. Should you wish to support them, the wake is friday in Weymouth mass. He used to drive a blue MK4 Jetta...
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    Mk4 partout

    I have a Jetta tdi ALH manual that I am parting. Engine and trans all there as are the electronics, sans the SRS module. Starter died from sitting. I also have a golf...may sell it whole as it runs and drives. Also manual ALH. Let me know if you need anythings....I have too many parts already.
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    Ne gtg

    Hi. Its been a long time since I have done a GTG, last one was at our house...this one will be at the shop in Braintree Ma. I am thinking last weekend of July, or first weekend of August. I am curious which one is better as I realize a lot of people are away this time of year. Fun...
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    Rocketchip visit

    Hi guys. Our pal Jeff will be visiting my shop on the 22, 23 and 24th this month. So if you are in need of a tune or upgrade, let me know so I can add you to the list. Especially those of you who cannot afford the downtime of sending an ECU out. This way, you can come in, get your tune and be on...
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    ALH EGR cooler fix

    So. Until recently, removal of a faulty or unwanted EGR cooler was easy and cheap....with no known repercussions. But some of us in CARB states have found that there is now a need for the EGR system to show active. A retune perhaps? Yes...but what about all those EGR parts you threw away? or...
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    WTB Shell car

    Hi...I need a really odd car. A Jetta GLS with roof in black. My preferred years are 04-05, but I would consider an 01-03. By shell I mean I dont need the powertrain(though the harness helps), the suspension, the interior(unless its euro recaros in black heated leather) or even the doors. Like I...
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    Waterfest 15 tdi drag car Andy2
  10. compounds


    Waterfest 15 tdi drag car Andy2
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    waterfest 15 drag tdi Andy2
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    Waterfest 15 tdi drag car Andy2
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    Waterfest 15 Andy2 golf drag car
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    What is a 98 worth? I have too many cars and all they do is sit......I thought I'd sell some. So....what is a 98 Mk3 Jetts gl worth? 156,000 miles. This one has the usual body stuff(rust bullseyes) not really bad....but I'll wash it and look close. It hasnt been driven in 6 months. Drives well....Shine...
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    GMC 6.5 mods

    Hi. Curious if anyone out there has a modded GMC 6.5. I have had them, but am curious what others are using. The most modded one, my 98 suburban (loads of stuff, chip, intercooler, gauges, exhaust etc) is now gone, the 96 suburban is getting sold and replaced with a 97 pickup...... see where...