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    7000 RPM valve job

    I know we are all extremely limited by our diesel illpotential to rev higher than 5K. So I was thinking maybe I could do a spring job and reset the rev limiter. Before I do it, I need to know if anyone has ever tried it before, if so, what resulted? The other thing I need to know is what the...
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    EGR --- and why it sucks

    I'm removing my EGR system, because it's a goofy horsepower eating system. But before I jump into it, does anybody know what undesirable side effects will occure aside from more pollution and constant check engine light?
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    ALH rabbit

    well, I finally got the money together, and bought a total conversion kit. Hopefully the car will be drivable within a month. 1 question though. I want a lighter flywheel, and I'm using the original 5spd autobahn transmission ( the 020 ). So, where can I get a flywheel for this transmission...
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    4motion, or Quattro

    Alrighty folks, I'm at a critical stage in project planning. I've heard... and i mean *heard*... that it is possible to convert a non-4motion to a 4motion/quattro setup. My guess is that since the tranny will mate up it shouldn't be a problem. But there are other issues, like how much work will...
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    variable Nitrous injection

    I'm sure I'm beating an already dead horse. But lets take a few more cracks at it. Anybody Actually DONE this mod? I hear it's a great smoke dampner (not to mention redonkulous horsepower booster)
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    where to get ... pp520's....and good black boxes

    where to get ... pp520\'s....and good black boxes maybe I missed a link on my search string. But I can't seem to find a link to a place that actually sells pp520's. I know bullydog makes a good black box. 25hp increase, which is plenty when coupled with other mods, but who else makes good...
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    Best chip for 98' ALH swap

    Best chip for 98\' ALH swap First... lemme explain.... About 2 days ago I was comin down mt. rainier when my timing belt broke on the 79' rabbit. Unfortunately it was in gear, and some pistons met some valves. 6 of the 8 valves have been mis-seated or severly bent in some way. In lieu of my...
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    show me the $$$$ - most extensive mods

    I know the subject matter is fairly common, ut I haven't seen/heard from everybody. Who's got the most extensive mods, what are your mods, and what are your HP/TRQ figures? I'll start, though my mods are hardly extensive. I have a custom made intake set-up, 2 4" cold air intakes, and maxed out...
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    IDI tuning guide

    I'm compiling a guide to hot rodding the IDI engine. It would be great if I could have some tips and tricks to add to it. You can see what I have so far by going to my website, it's not much.
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    hi-flow pump for the IDI

    After a riggin up a twin 4" intake setup I went to tweak my pump. long story short, the pump is opened as far as it will go and I am developing no smoke. Is there a higher flo pump available for the idi? if so, whats the model number, name, and year. secondly, if there is no hi flo pump...
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    2L FSi Turbo

    is the 2L FSi turbo the *new* PD TDI engine with crossflow head, 16v DOHC etc, or have I made a faulty inference? If it is, what are some solid numbers, HP and torque wise. A thread implies 200hp, a few rumors *not on this forum*, seem to imply a much lower 150hp. My next question is, when...
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    Diesel Fuel SCC CLASS

    I know SCCA rules don't cover alternative fuels, but I was wondering if there are any car clubs that cover diesel car racing, and if there are, where are they?
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    2Litre 16v engine dimensions

    Hey, does anybody know the dimensions of the *new* PD engine, same dimension as the 1.9L?
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    water, carb or injected...

    whats the consensus... I'm at a dilemma, I can make a carburated water intake system for next to nothing, but I know injected would be more "economic" (if you'll beleive that, I mean it is h2o). Also I would have to buy an injection system, and punch holes in my manifold.
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    Prefered propane system

    My next upgrade is a propane injection system, But I want to know whether I should just modify a NOS system for propane (eg use a propane tank) or if there's a better way. I also have some idea's for a homegrown system, though I would prefer knowing if anyone has ever made there own propane kit...