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    BEW cam identification

    There is some difference..both of them have the identification scribed on the end by the tandem pump. I've seen plenty of bews with higher miles on the stock cam still though. If the correct oil is used and they're taken care of, they'll often last fairly well.
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    Free BHW Long Block

    Man, I would be over it too if I were out that way...
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    06’ BRM TDI - P0299 Low Boost

    Check for boost leaks and check the camshaft. Those would be the first things I would test.
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    Maf filter hose size

    My recommendation is to put the stock filter back in. Its better than any cone filter... the cone filters kill the maf sensors in vws.
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    Brm jetta shaking violently when going in reverse

    Check the dogbone mount
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    Maf filter hose size

    Not sure what you're asking... are you wanting to put a cone filter on?
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    Rim help - mine split in 2.

    I've seen that happen many times as a tow truck driver and firefighter Most often as a result of an accident, but also due to hitting debris on the road. It all depends on how it hits.
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    Is my SMF eating transmissions?

    I wonder if it makes a difference if it has the geared bsm or the bsm delete...
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    Is my SMF eating transmissions?

    Ok, sounds like it'll be about what the auto transmission gets, and maybe a little better... I think I'll put the dvz in and if nothing else, later on I can get a tdi transmission and most of the work will have been done already.
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    Is my SMF eating transmissions?

    I'm curious about how you like the dvz transmission in the tdi passat? I'm getting a free 2000 v6 manual passat that I am thinking of using for the manual swap on my passat which has a bad auto transmission.
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    BEW MAP mystery - please help.

    Look for a map fooling resistor or continuity between the violet red and supply with the harness disconnected
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    I need a affordable diesel truck for a project with my 12 year old

    Oh yeah, the other obvious one is a rabbit pickup... I had a Mitsubishi, a Mazda, a Ford ranger and my dad had a Chevy luv as well as a 6.9 and 7.3 idi and a 7.3 power stroke. The hardest one to find parts for was the Ford ranger with the Perkins. Second the Mitsubishi. But that engine was...
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    I need a affordable diesel truck for a project with my 12 year old

    An old idi truck would be best for using b100. The Ford 6.9/7.3 idi, Chevrolet 6.2/6.5, or one of the small trucks from the 80's Mazda, Mitsubishi, ford,Chevrolet, Toyota, etc.
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    How big a money pit is a 300d?

    No, they were Mazda RF engines. There were those and the rangers with the 2.2 perkins/Mazda and then the later 2.3 Mitsubishi diesel.