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    The lower intake pipe is deteriorated, and I need one!

    the lower intake pipe on my ‘97 Jetta has been on its way out, for a while. It has cracks and deterioration that don’t look like they are repairable. VW has discontinued the part (1H0129654R), and it seems no one in Europe has them, or will ship one here. Any suggestions or decent used/NOS item...
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    Alternator issue

    *** Bosch??! About 2 years ago, I replaced the alternator in my ‘97 Jetta. I got the Bosch reman, from RockAuto (my usual source for mundane stuff like this). I replaced the accessory belts and tensioner pulley, too- the car had about 180K miles, and I figured ‘why not?’. So, last week, the...