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    WTB junk ALH head

    As the title states Im looking for a junk ALH head with good outside dimensions and no striped threads in the manifold holes. Need it for a good welding base.
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    ALH Colt Cam Lower EGTs?

    Searched around but didnt find what I was looking for. Those that tow or have a an ALH in a heavier swap (+4000lbs) did a colt cam stage 2 lower your sustained cruise EGTs?
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    AC Switch/ON 121 ecu pins?

    Can anyone tell me what pin on a 2002 121 pin ecu (ALH) gets the "AC Switch" signal? I see on VCDS this one will actually raise the idle and I assume might do somthing to the timing and fuel maps. I found the "Compressor ON" pin that does not raise idle or do anything that I can see but in...
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    Live Data screen/logging?

    I have VCDS on laptop and torque pro on my phone but I am looking for the best of both worlds for the ALH swap in my truck. I like the torque pro layout but hate the slow refresh rate and lack of parameters I want to see. Are there torque pro TDI definitions for MK4 ecu that will give me a...
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    Injector bleed line air bubbles

    How quickly should an air bubble in the injector bleed lines at say cyl #1 move? I would think after driving a few minutes they would be clear but after 25 miles I still have air bubbles? What is normal? See pics.
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    BHW crank pully harmonic damper

    I am looking for a BHW crank pully. OEM PN is 028105243Q I have also seen some with a gates PN TVD1024. Let me know what you have thanks.
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    Vnt 15

    I have a good used VNT 15 off my ALH. Pulled it for an upgrade. Has 167K miles on it. $120 plus shipping or pick it up for $120. Located in Charlotte NC.
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    2 outlet coolant Flange?

    I am looking for the part number for a coolant outlet flange that has 2 outlets. I have seen the picture somewhere but cant find it now. It looks exactly like this one But minus the small outlet on the bottom...
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    2002 bug auto part out

    I have a 2002 bug with 167K miles on it that I am using the ALH and related ETdi components for a swap but I figured if anyone needs anything else off it before it gets crushed just ask with a reasonable offer plus shipping and I will get it to ya. I can take paypal or if your local to the...
  10. Dakota TDI ALH swap

    Dakota TDI ALH swap

    Dakota TDI ALH swap
  11. Dakota TDI ALH swap

    Dakota TDI ALH swap

    Dakota TDI ALH swap
  12. Dakota TDI ALH swap

    Dakota TDI ALH swap

    Dakota TDI ALH swap
  13. Dakota TDI ALH swap

    Dakota TDI ALH swap

    Dakota TDI ALH swap
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    My goal is to have a cheap quad cab truck with decent fuel mileage to haul the family. So after gathering parts and still scrounging for a few more its time to start a thread where I can nail down a few loose ends. My knowledge base is from the LSX and DSM world so TDI is a all new to me I...