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    ALH misfire, white smoke, and no turbo. ***?!

    Well, I've figured out what was wrong. I scanned it with VCDS and came up with P1556. So I'll be replacing vacuum lines and deleting some of the EGR stuff since the valve and cooler are gone. I also should probably put a new MAF in as well since it came up with an implausible signal code. As...
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    ALH misfire, white smoke, and no turbo. ***?!

    My 2001 Jetta has decided to be needy again. Here's what I've faced in the last week or so. 1: Pulled the original turbo and replaced it with a $700 ebay turbo, because there was in and out play and lots of it, I also shortly after discovered that the housings were cut up pretty bad.. 2: motor...
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Hello! I'm brand new to the Forums, and quite new to the TDI world, Juuuuust getting my 2001 ALH jetta. For now (everything else but the EGR has been done by someone else), I have an EGR Delete going in, It basically is cat back (with a hollow cat.) o2 sensor has been deleted, and some custom...
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    Well, KermaTDI seems to have closed up (but, not really). now what?

    I have an '01 with an ALH and an 02J EGR trans. I was hoping on parking the car next summer and building the car up, using a lot from KermaTDI. I was wanting some oversized injectors, new rods, gaskets, belt, rings, and turbo, a 5th gear upgrade, an OMI and a tune. Well, from what I've seen...