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    new to me 2005 passat wagon on a tow dolly . WELL THAT DIDN'T LAST LONG

    Many years ago, I had a fault for solenoid valve 2. I'd clear it and it wouldn't come back for a long time. Then it would reappear for no obvious consistency of conditions. I'd clear it. Then it started happening most often in winter months. Sometimes I'd clear it, let the car idle and warm up...
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    VCDS question

    Could you post all the fault codes found? Also, use the generic OBDII function to capture (and post here) the freeze frame data.
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    List of all sensors

    ALH engine (US market 1998.5-2003) has - coolant temperature sensor in coolant flange at left side of cylinder head - crank position sensor front side of engine block - fuel temperature sensor under the top cover of the fuel injection pump - mass air flow sensor at the air filter box - lift...
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    BEW TDI (A/T) Coolant hose identification...

    If you need the flange that has the larger radiator hose and bolts to the cylinder head it is part 038121133J, sealing o-ring 037121688, and o-ring 037121687. The 044121144B bolts to the 038121133J flange with 037121687 between them. Or do you need distributor piece 1J0121087C? Various hose...
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    new to me 2005 passat wagon on a tow dolly . WELL THAT DIDN'T LAST LONG

    Obviously, the rubber bushing has failed. There does appear to be a crack in the bracket at about 10 o'clock from the left bolt in the bottom picture. The fact that no dirt/undercoating appears disturbed suggests that bushing took the brunt of the force and gave out thus saving the body from...
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    New B5.5 wagon with a problem

    "The injestor quantaties at idle appoximately had " 1: 0.16 2: -40 <---- really? negative 40? not missing a decimal point? A -40 would be way out of balance with the rest of them. 3: 0.0 4: .1 Also consider a diesel purge procedure to potentially clean out the injectors a little. Has this...
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    New B5.5 wagon with a problem

    It's a BHW engine. What do you see for injector balance values? Have you taken off the cylinder head cover and looked at the cam followers and cam lobes? Worn out? I know it you posted 130K miles, but if the previous owner(s) didn't use the correct oil they may have premature wear. And the...
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    Vagcom Source for 96 B4V

    The B4V was not a technological marvel. You need the VCDS Lite 1.2 software from Ross-Tech. It works with any basic OBD-II cable. Back in the early days, some of us actually built our own dumb cables and the early versions of VAG-COM (as it was known back then) worked great.
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    Boost Problems - Vibrating N75 - Low boost with engine cold

    The large tube connection with that tape over it is the main vacuum line. It is supposed to be loose as a relief for the engine vibrations. If it does leak from that location, the the vacuum pump should be replaced. Someone taped over it and over the course of time it has become oil soaked. The...
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    Boost Problems - Vibrating N75 - Low boost with engine cold

    You have a vacuum leak. Probably the large vacuum line to the brake booster. They have a history splitting as they age. This will cause the power brake issue and the loss of vacuum to the N75. You probably did not have a problem with the N75 until your attempted cleaning procedure. Now you need...
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    2003 golf tdi headlight upgrades

    I'd suggest replacing the lenses with glass lenses (Urotuning and other sellers) and adding Weathertech LampGard on them. You get the benefit of lenses that won't go yellow and are protected from stones, etc. I've had LampGards on all headlights of every car I've had for several decades and...
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    new to me 2005 passat wagon on a tow dolly . WELL THAT DIDN'T LAST LONG

    Here's the wheel bearing procedure. The first two pictures show the sensor that I wrote about. They are ABS sensors, not brake pad sensors. Although the procedure shows the sensor attached to the bearing assembly...
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    What happens if technician installs oil filter element upside down?

    There is no spring in the filter. It might be marked with OBEN instead of TOP, if still legible. The plastic baffle inside the filter is there to keep the oil level up to that level when the engine is shut off. In a normally installed filter, the oil would flow out to in and up and then...
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    new to me 2005 passat wagon on a tow dolly . WELL THAT DIDN'T LAST LONG

    As moderator for this forum, consider yourself warned. A post like that is not in keeping with the TDICLUB decorum. I may delete the post entirely. You have come across as inexperienced at car repair at least with regard to the B5.5 Passat. I also see a person who was anxious to get the car...
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    Oh joy... MORE fun!!

    A length of 2x4 with two grade 8 bolts through it.