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    Is the NB front suspension different than the other MK4 vehicles?

    Hello, it is same, but depend what type of ride do you like. I have Bilstein B4. Original was Sachs but I don't see big difference in everyday driving. I found original stops is way better quality compared to "new" so I kept old, just swap struts. Hope this will help you.
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    VW New Beetle cluster 1C0920801C pinout ?!?!

    Hello, so far I follow every tip , but can't find pin out. Thank you for help.
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    VW New Beetle cluster 1C0920801C pinout ?!?!

    Hello, I wondering that maybe somebody have pinout for VW New Beetle 1998 cluster 1C0920801C Magnet Marreli? I like to power it up on the bench and read it via K line. Thank you
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    Swaping engines BEW with ALH

    Hello, Thank you for advice and input. If project starts, I will post results.
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    Car thinks drivers door is open

    Hello, I don't know well 2006 but 2003 have problem with door micro switches and wires in boot what connected door electronic to main body get broken and shorting to each other or to the ground wire causing all kind of weird problems. Check boot firs, and after that door micro switches or bad...
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    Cabin fan repair for VW New Beetle, Golf MK4, Jetta MK4 and more...

    Hello, I was not able to find any info about this repair, so I decide to make tutorial. Cars what have this type of blower as per my knowledge: VW New Beetle 98 - 2003 VW Golf 2000 - 2009 VW Jetta 1999 - 2007 Worn out brushes are very often cause of not working fan. PDF is on the link for...
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    Golf 2001 GLS TDI headlights project

    Hello, I have new project on go. On my Jetta 2001 TDI when I apply parking break, daylight headlights go off, but on the Golf, that is not case, staying on all time. How difficult will be to make Golf head lights to go off, when parking brake is engaged. Can this be done? Thank you very much.
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    Swaping engines BEW with ALH

    Hello, I have spare good ALH engine, but body is in bad shape. I found good Jetta with bad BEW engine and thinking about swap the engine. What do you guys think? Possible or not?!? Thank you very much.