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    2006 Jetta BRM Turbo Actuator Replacement

    Sure it is not your egr cooler hissing? Very Very Very common problem vs the turbo leaking......
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    Dead Jetta

    Sounds like he meant the EGR which is located right there and hisses when they go out.
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    Falling Fuel Milage

    wow I have an 06 and the other week it was in the 90's the whole week AC on all the time and I drive normal (70%highway) sometimes punch it to pass or for fun and I got 45. In the 30,000 miles I have put on it (182,000 on car) in minnesota (blended fuel in the winter) I have never gotten less...
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    Dead Jetta

    How is the coolant level? Did you try running it off some clean diesel in a can yet? I would check to make sure the crank and cam are still on the timing marks by pinning the cam and making sure the crank lines up with the arrow, very quick and easy.
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    2006 Jetta BRM Noise after clutch replacement

    They do make a lot of noise, I got the 22lb flywheel balanced and it still rattles like a jackhammer at a drive thru. But it shifts so smooth and nice that I dont care!
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    At what mileage would you NOT buy a TDI?

    It will probably need a new cam (mine as well do the timing belt) egr valve and flywheel/clutch if none has been done already. I bought a 06 1yr ago with 149,000 for $8,500 and replaced all that was listed and a little more. I love the car and get 45MPG every time. If nothing was done to it I...
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    07 TDI, high mileage, engine weirdness, should I buy?

    Is the vibration just at idle? Does it stop when you turn the ac on or rev the engine just slightly above idle? The cam timing is adjustable and can be done with simple hand tools and no vagcom. There is a big thread on it, but one page explains how to adjust it the mechanical tdc way and...
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    Unwanted changes in the last 3k miles. - need help

    I assume you loosened the cam gear to change the timing? What did you torque the bolts to? I would check the cam timing the mechanical way by locking it with the pins and torque them to the recommended specs on the forum, which is higher than factory specs.
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    Rear main seal tool

    It can be done without the tool, you just have to check everything and make it the exact same and I mean exact. I did mine and it has ran awesome ever since.
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    Help please

    could be a bad cell in the battery, I have had cars where the radio and all the lights work but it wouldn't start. With it being in storage it is pretty good odds, I would get a new battery and try it out.
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    BRM Camshaft replacement: DIY or HSDI?

    If you do it yourself you will have to buy tools for the timing belt and you will need a nice torque wrench. It is not that difficult if you follow the instructions on this site, they have it outlined so well that if you read and read again and take your time you will have no problem. When I...
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    Rear Wheel Bearing Change MJM Autohaus has OEM FAG Bearings for $70 a piece
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    I wish I had a cable! I read somewhere that the AC will only turn on if it is above freezing, so I guess I will wait a little while and find out.
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    Please Help! Rear Main Seal Replacement Tonight

    Well I set everything at tdc and locked the crank and cam, just to be safe since there is a little play in my crank lock, then I dropped the oil pan and marked the crank where the hole is with a marker then used a punch very lightly so I didn't loose my mark. I took a marker and marked how far...
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    I just replaced my both of my fans in a 06 jetta and I am wondering if there is a way to make sure they work. I warmed the car up and tried turning on the AC and nothing happened, but it is 23 degrees outside right now?