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    Trusted machine shops

    If Kitchener isn't too far, call Wellborn Auto on Victoria Wellborn Auto Service | Volkswagen and Audi Specialists
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    VCDS scan Required, 2006 BRM

    If you still need a scan, let me know. I'm in Kitchener, so just around the corner.
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    Spring GT in the KW/Cambridge/Guelph area

    Don't rub it in.
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    Spring GT in the KW/Cambridge/Guelph area

    I updated the first post. I picked a Sunday, but no location. I'm in for some beer and wings.
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    Spring GT in the KW/Cambridge/Guelph area

    Just putting a feeler out, it's been awhile. Here's some tentative information Date: Sunday, April 7th, 2019 Location: TBD
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    So Happy To Be Back!!!

    Here's the kicker. I'm in Canada, with a US based VIN, so I'm dealing with VWoA, not VW Canada. Also, no trade in, just fix or buy back. I went looking for replacements, no used Treg TDI's, and my local dealer as a new 2016 Treg TDI, but won't move from list price, for a car that's been sitting...
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    So Happy To Be Back!!!

    And this is why I'm keeping my 09!
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    First impression of a fixed 3.0L TDI Gen 2

    I have an 09 CATA that i'm keeping. Long story short, I can't see anything I want without another loan. Anyways, I'm hoping to get the fix done by the end of year, do they replace the fuel filter? I'm almost due.
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    09 Touareg buy back values

    I'm keeping it. Seen a few posts of same years buy back values in the mid 20's. I can't find anything I want with what I'd have after clearing the loan. And I still love the vehicle.
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    09 Touareg buy back values

    I've got my offer assuming I get it fixes, but before I sign, I'd like to get some idea on how much of a buy back I could get. I like the vehicle, so I want to ensure I make the right choice.
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    Drive Clean - done

    Which is why I had to get one now.
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    Drive Clean - done

    My Treg passed, as I need to pass for my sticker. And as I drop away, i got the DPF warning BS i've been dealing with. Good thing I just passed my emission test.
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    Clean Diesel DPF Data Collection Thread

    There are no precious metals in a DPF, it's a block off filter.
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    Non-TDI Passat question?

    I was thinking the stalk, but he says the other function are fine. I'll to drive over and look and get a scan.
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    Touareg Emissions Fix

    As far as I know, there is only a buy back on the 1st gen. I can see them scrapping those they do get. Would be nice to get a new one all fixed with a good warranty.