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    Jetta Wheel Center Cap Upgrade?

    I saw a plastic one from the sunflower stuck in the hole
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    Stripped head for injector clamp

    all the above whatever is easiest to pull off. low tourqe tightening stationary bolt
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    Option for new buy bad turbo

    Turns out found an engine for 699 with 58k 1 yr warranty thats less than a new turbo. So since the original is so high milage im going to drop the whole mess in an add to the family in the basement, mk3, mk 4 bew,mk4 alh x 3.5. Would be a hoot to put in my wrangler
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    Option for new buy bad turbo

    The cold side went and theres some aluminum dust that made its way to the last rubber elbow before the intake. Option one clean the boost tract out and install new turbo or used and hope the cylinders are up to snuff. Option 2 buy used motor now car-part has some for about the price of a new...
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    Help identify new sound.

    Starter overrun the nose is dry and i think its a bronze bushing and the oil sinter/impregnation is gone. You can pull the starter and grease it but will likely return
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    Strut mount gap after coilover install

    Be sure and examine your abs wire, i put in a set and the distance between mou ting point was less and the wires wanted to touch the tire
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    2004 Jetta bew starter issue

    Likely the starter itself may be just stuck out getting dragged along intill it retracts. Mine did it forever, i greased the nose but it returned so i just ignore it now.
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    Shifter weight orientation

    Only goes on one way.
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    Can a bad injection pump seals cause air in feed line

    The clear line? Thats normal unless running issues
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    Can lock either IP, or cam....not both.

    Yes, you would have had to with new pump. Things tend to get a smidge off with wear.
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    02 Jetta TDI fuel cooler

    Junkyard items. I am parting out an 04 this week?
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    Jetta wagon rear hatch lock

    Probe it with something to reach tumbler bits inside?
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    2003 Beatle - Power steering took a dump where to start looking for leak?

    Detroit axle or something like that, amazon, ebay. I installed 3 in mk4 and one in audi a8( theres a bolt refered to as the devils butthole accurate desciption) all good oldest install was 3 years ago no leaks