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    2003 rear bumper swap issue.

    Google images only. Post one when i do it
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    Where to get the little plastic clips that break around the engine?

    Zips ties minus point on concours doncha know
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    2003 rear bumper swap issue.

    Shaved bumper its a look i want along with golf nose freaks out vw people and makes car look shorter
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    ALH coolant loss, can’t find leak.

    Just had a coolant neck leak it was warped a mm out of round i assume like a pringle chip. Installed 4 times with 2 different thermostats thinkibg i was just being daft installing but never had problems before
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    Thought 120 was standard for tdi? 90 for gas powered. I get mine from azone and the other pkace lifetime warantee. Pulleys lock up before the charge goes
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    1999 Jeep TJ Sahara TDI Swap

    What about high water mud and the timing belt have you folks done anything regarding that? Im about to do this swap on a free jeep i got
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    Catch can question.

    Totally useless
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    03 Golf worth fixing (fuel injector pump leaking)?

    Got 5 pumps in the basement i can put it in fot 5 hundy t&m
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    About to light my TDI on fire

    They dont leak oil they mark their territory.
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    Bew surging like alh iq issue. idea dual mass? My original post. Could this off throttle buck be my dual mass going? Ive never dealt with one doe make a bit of noise idling and today it made a bit of a noise like a nonquiet smf when clutching...
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    Have any idea what this noise is?

    You camera work was shoddy couldnt tell if that was a sprite can and perserevated on that sorry
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    05 Jetta tdi coolant loss

    Look for pink crust of white grey mineral type buildup. The waterpump when leaking finds its way to a hole at the bottom of the crank pulley area there is a notch betweem the tinplate and the alloy part for it to weep out. Coolany bottle leaks present on the frame rail and weep at the rear of...
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    Crank no start 00 Jetta

    Wire to ip getting voltage with key on? Pull serp belt turn it over same engine speed turning over? Givine it whiffs of starting fluid to see if it rumbles? Prime with vacuum on return line, ig nore the bubbles in clear side as they present even on a running car and will me you nuts like that...