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    How to do your buyback calculations (& post them here!)

    2013 Beetle sunroof Navigation Fender stereo 48K miles approx $23500 usd. 2011 Jetta Sportwagen sunroof 40K miles about $1000 less. We are looking at probably getting a couple of gas powered something or anothers. I'm going to miss the TDI's, just I have a feeling the repair is going to turn...
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    Beetle TDI Real World MPG

    About 6K on the clock, mix of city and mostly highway. About 36 city 45 highway. Max mpg 68 in heavy volume traffic moving at a steady 40 mph. Very similar to my wife's 11 Jetta. Pretty happy with the mpg, but I miss the 600 miles per tank I used to get in my b5. is there a way to vent the...
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    R.IP. Big Gold

    Yes and no. I was going to do the bsm and the blizzard happened. Then I was going to do it this fall, but the bsm shortage and the delete option made me reconsider until the spring. I also had the chinesium axles to replace. I kept up to date with all the routine maintenance religiously, though...
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    R.IP. Big Gold

    Thanks very much. I miss my car. I'm in a poo poo 20 MPG Dodge Journey until my new Beet arrives. :(
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    R.IP. Big Gold

    Thursday was the last road trip for my B5. Somebody didn't yield the right of way and I went from 40 to 0 in half a second.:( I chipped a tooth and got some seat belt rash, but other than that, I think I'm O.K. Out of all the cars I've ever owned, the 05 Passat was my favorite. Although...
  6. misteroboto's b5

    misteroboto's b5

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    16 inch stock Passat Rims Tires cheap

    Bump. Bargain for someone in the NY area!
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    Did they put in the correct oil?

    VW Springfield in Fairfax, VA near I-95 and I-495. I've bought all my dubs there but have used their service only for warranty work until now. Looks like I might have to reconsider the free maintenance. I can't trust them now. :( That program has gone on for what, like two years now? How many...
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    Did they put in the correct oil?

    Looks I'll be giving them a "shout". Thanks all.
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    Did they put in the correct oil?

    Had the "carefree maintenance" done this weekend. Just noticed the invoice does not say 507.00 oil. It has part # g-052-167-s0. I could not find any info online. Did they put in the right stuff, or am I going to have to return? Thanks.
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    thanks so much! & goodbye

    Good luck and thanks for your contributions. I think met you and your son at the DC fest. All the best to you and your family.
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    dealer says new turbo is needed ...

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    Water leak at rear hatch.

    Three big thunderstorms and a couple of showers with no more repeat of the leak. I guess that means it was the debris I cleaned up or I didn't close the hatch all the way. In any case the leak is gone. Good luck finding your leaks vw4life and pgoes.
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    Water leak at rear hatch.

    Mine is definitely not leaking from the glass. I believe the problem is with the gasket. I have a busy next few days and no rain in the forecast until Friday night. Hopefully I can find some time tomorrow to give it the once over. With the hatch open, I pulled some helicopters from the area...