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    01 Golf Tdi 5 sp IL

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    HELP!!! Tranny slipage issue

    i don't know enough about these trannys so i am taking a shot in the dark with this.... Sometimes if you put an aftermarket clutch in, you have to shim it out off the fly wheel. If you don't, the clutch will drag on the flywheel ever so slightly and cause premature wear. this is all theory...
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    Tdi totaled W/ Pics, Need advice on new one.

    buy it back and take the parts off that you want. Then either scrap it or part it out. It should cost about $500-$1000 depending to buy it back and you can scrap it for roughly $400. If you pull the motor and trans you can recoup your cost.
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    Dear John: I need an efficient diesel sedan under $30,000

    I wouldn't really consider a companies political/financial problems a choice in purchasing my next car. I more look at the quality of the construction and the price. If the company has some issues like say child labor.... Then I'd think twice. You all are forgetting many auto manufacturers...
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    Soot and oil on turbo and turbo piping (pics inside)

    I actually plan to do that once the weather turns for the better. It's -3 here right now. I understand the importance of draining it in order to keep a runaway from occurring. Any opinions on the soot on the turbo vnt actuator?
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    Soot and oil on turbo and turbo piping (pics inside)

    I recently started getting a loud exhaust leak noise. While searching for the leak I found some soot on the vnt actuator and oil seeping out of the intake piping. See pics below. The exhaust leak turned out to be a bad injector seal. That is fixed now. Should I be concerned? Car has 232k...
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    Heated seats recall details

    called and got the " it wasn't a recall so we won't do anything" answer...
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    no start after fuel filter in 2001 golf tdi

    Sorry. Should have clarified I was short on time. I had the fuel lines cracked open and cranked it over to move the air out of the system. Hooked it all up and after a few cranks started right up.
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    Another Front end clunk issue

    Exhaust mount broken somewhere?
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    Heated seats recall details

    My drivers seat either has off or burning my arse off no matter the setting. I will be calling the number tomorrow to see what they say. I do have some scorching on my seat...
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    no start after fuel filter in 2001 golf tdi

    I just did this yesterday and I was able to get it started after just flipping the key on and off a dozen times and then starting it
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    DIY and advice on egr delete

    oh and i will also need a intake gasket?
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    DIY and advice on egr delete

    i am not opposed to installing a race pipe. Infact i will probably do it because i have a manual and can stop a runaway just by putting in 5th as stated above. So to sum it all up i only really need to order a race pipe and i can make the rest of the stuff myself? I can cut out some block off...
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    DIY and advice on egr delete

    Guys and girls, My car has the egr tuned out but the egr is still there. I am looking to remove the egr, cooler, and the associated lines. All while I clean up the intake. Can I make my own "delete kit"? It looks like it is just a hose and some plates to block off? Any words of wisdom before...
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    Window trim/seals

    Looking for a four door set. Pm me if you got them!