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    touch up paint for wheels?

    I used Duplicolor on small chips on mine. You have to get up real close to notice it. I think a small bottle was less than $10 at Walmart.
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    Clockspring recalls are in the mail

    How long do we have to get this done? I have a low mileage Passat that only goes in once a year for an oil change. Next is due in Sept 2016. I'm assuming if the airbag light is not on this can wait?
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    How to Disable ABS?

    It is because of the snow or ice build up in that picture? I'm assuming it's causing problems with the wheel spin?
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    I'll never de-badge, but my license plate frames may be a bit too much for some

    This is the reverse of the "LOL OIL" on that Telsa.
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    Radio on while engine is off.

    FWIW - Mine is 30 minutes. You'll also get a low battery message too if you start to drain your battery.
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    How To: Sunroof Maintenance (every 40k)

    Mine started to rattle after four years. Sounds like it's straining while opening instead of gliding smooth and noise free. Going to give this a try before winter. It does make sense to do this since the rails are exposed to the elements every time you use the sunroof at full open position.
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    I just dumped my 2015 TDI SE

    This is the first and I'm sure many more "Dear John" letters to come. Mods probably should just put a sticky thread for all those that want to rant and say thanks for all the fish.
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    Why is Oil leaking out of my frame?

    The Passat is hot waxed dipped for rust proofing. You can peel back the trunk material and see some of it. It's an off white, yellowish waxy material. Compare to what you are seeing.
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    VoA: Passat receives a major facelift later in model year 2016

    Get a nice instrument cluster like that and then cover it in cheap, scratchable plastic that'll look like crap in a few months.
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    Diminished value due to accident

    This seems to be the most simplest and fair to all parties way to do it. Thanks.
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    Diminished value due to accident

    I don't know how to do this but I'm interested in the outcome. In all of the accidents that I've been involved in, it seems like everyone loses money, even if you are at no fault.
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    Where to buy DEF?

    He probably takes coffee filters and toilet paper too! :D
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    New DSG service video

    Cool video. Thanks for posting.