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    Water In Spare Wheel Well

    Here is how I addressed the problem with two new drain lines:
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    Turbo Inlet Question

    Dont quote me on this - but my memory seems to recall 1 1/4" as the size...
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    Turbo Inlet Question

    some automotove places sell them as freeze plug inserts for engine blocks - sorry for the long link. This is what I used, I just cant remember the size...
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    Battery Size for 2014 JSW TDI

    a group 48 / H6 is a fairly common battery used in European cars and it does fit the 2014 VW Tdi
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    Turbo Inlet Question

    When folks do the EGR Cooler Delete, they usually put a rubber plug in the hole with a nut on the face that compresses / tightens the plug in the hole.
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    Another squashed oil filter thread

    I have performed 4 oil changes on my JSW. Change at the recommended 10K interval. Always use the VW filter and the VW oil. I buy the oil change kit from ECS Tuninig. My filter has never come out of the vehicle looking like that.
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    Poor AC Diagnosis Help VCDS

    Please keep us posted on whether changing out the RCV helps. My JSW does the same thing. Below 90F, seems to keep the car cool. Abover 90F, just does not keep up.
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    Massive problems with my 14 SportWagen

    Agreed, some very random, seemly unrelated failures occurring simultaneously. Fully charged battery? Are all ground connections good? Any fuses failed? Just some basic electrical triage...
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    what is the best engine oil and filters for 2014 golf tdi

    I use the VW oil and VW filter kit from ECS tuning. $66.00, arrives at my doorstep in a few days, and I change it myself.
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    2014 JSW - Tire size 225/50-17

    Thanks, what tires are you running? I have noticed not as much selection in the 50 series. Also, can you tell me what you changed for lift?
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    2014 JSW - Tire size 225/50-17

    Looking to soften the ride just a bit, does anyone run 225/50's on their stock Porto rims? Thanks, Mike
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    2014 JSW TDi - Headlight Upgrade (Osram LEDriving XENARC for VW Golf VI)

    FXF, Glad to hear that you are enjoying your OSRAMs. Interesting about the lack of parking light. My only concern would be around passing the annual state inspection. Any issues? Wondering about wiring up the DRLs to act as parking lights as a work around for inspections? Thoughts?
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    2014 JSW TDi - Headlight Upgrade (Osram LEDriving XENARC for VW Golf VI)

    You bet! Just ordered from an eBay overseas supplier. Total price with shipping is $1050. Will keep you guys posted. I will also be installing the Euro headlight switch when I do the headlights. eBay link to Osram Headlights Mike
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    2014 JSW TDi - Headlight Upgrade (Osram LEDriving XENARC for VW Golf VI)

    Totally agree - I love these JSWs, but the headlight output is reminiscent of sealed beams from the 1970's. I thought I was being a little too critical until my wife commented one night while driving home how horribly they light up the road. After that, bingo, these lights suck. I need to...