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    Anyone have a windshield replaced yet in a '15 GSW???

    Let us know your results. Do you have auto wipers?
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    2015 Touareg - Repeated CEL and AdBlue Error after filling AdBlue

    Mebbe. Hopefully that's the end of it. Seems sketchy, though.
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    2015 Touareg - Repeated CEL and AdBlue Error after filling AdBlue

    I hope it goes well. I had one code pop up while traveling and in Medford, OR the tech said he was replacing those sensor units daily and was out of stock.
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    Okay to drive with Reductant Pressure too Low CEL?

    Depends on the use. Stunning differences of driving at higher altitude, towing at low speed, towing at highway speeds, etc. I've tried keeping a spreadsheet to get an idea in about 15k miles of towing with it. No clear pattern yet, but I've also had some sensor issues that have also affected it...
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    2015 Touareg - Repeated CEL and AdBlue Error after filling AdBlue

    FWIW, I had similar problems with my '16 model. Finally got a couple of dealers in the NW who noted that the temp/level sensor in the DEF fluid tank was throwing codes occasionally enough to show it was on the way out. Replaced under warranty and drove it back from Bellingham to Las Vegas -...
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    29k mile CPO 2013 Volkswagen Passat TDI SEL Premium with all options & warranty

    You'll need to find a better way to post pics if you'd like to sell your car. No one but you can see the pics on your account. Do some research.
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    Fault: AdBlue

    Any further info?
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    Excessive AdBlue Usage?

    FWIW, I've now had a chance to get back to our tow rig in Vegas. We tow a 23' Airstream, just about 5000 pounds. From Vegas up to South Lake Tahoe along the east side of the Sierra Nevada, then along the west side and out to the coast and then back to vegas. About 2500 miles with NO need to add...
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    505 instead of 507 in 2016 TDI?

    Thanks. Yes, I know that the tiny bit of oil that may "burn" would produce an even tinier bit of ash that may or may not be significant enough to make a difference. My quandary is how much.
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    505 instead of 507 in 2016 TDI?

    3.0 TDI in great shape. My guru here recommends LiquiMoly for use to keep chain wear guides in better condition. As far as I can tell, the 507 difference is only less sulfur and less ash. I doubt I could convince a dealer to put it in for me. Has anyone changed to Liqui Moly 505 in a 3.0...
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    This one? You didn't list enough info.
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    Timing Chain Tensioner Life

    Yep, it's the weak point. My mechanic said to ignore the 10k mile OCI, and go with 5k and not look back. He also recommends the German oil that has more sulfur [OMG!} and poly additives. It may be too late for your case, but anything to help lubricate that location with heat of the turbos and a...
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    2012 Volkswagen Touareg TDI Executive

    Sweet machine! Very similar to our 2016 TDI Lux. It's agonizing to figure which is better - those nice leather seats, or the ventilated ones we have, and use, in the 2016. Hope the new owner appreciates it for what it is.
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    Thoughts on buying used Touareg TDI

    I also have a 2016 and although I live in Alaska, the T'reg is used in the Lower 48 and garaged in Las Vegas. We use it to explore and to tow an Airstream for our retirement pleasure. I bought it used in Nov 2019 with only 7500 miles on it. Not CPO, but a good warranty. I pulled the Airstream...
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