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    Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piech quits in power struggle

    The Piëch - Winterkorn Soap Opera continues... There is a fascinating article in today's National Post newspaper discussing what direction the Piëch - Winterkorn scuffle will head in in the days leading up to VW's annual shareholder meeting on May 5th. Here's the link: Motor Mouth: VW head...
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    Any known Mods for 2015 Golf TDI

    Well, there is a coding change trick you can do that enables automatic closing of the sunroof and all the windows in the event of rain (even if the car is locked up and you are far away), but seeing that you are in California, where I hear there is a big drought, that might not be a particularly...
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    1st VCDS scan..

    Hi Drew: All of the 'well defined' fault codes are intermittent, which means that they existed at some time in the past, but were not present (active) at the time you did the scan. Several fault codes are described as 'unknown', which to me suggests that they are spurious in nature, something...
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    Lighting package reliability and repair cost?

    I recently purchased a Highline (more or less equivalent to the American SEL) with the bi-xenon lighting package, and I am VERY pleased with the lights. I think the lights are well worth the extra $1,000. I like the fact that they come on and off automatically, that they have cornering lights...
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    10000 Mile Service and 2 Software Updates

    VW has published a technical bulletin advising that there is a software update for the radio to solve the problem of the FM radio frequency occasionally resetting back to 87.7 (the lowest frequency on the FM band) when the radio is powered up. Not all dealers have received the little SD card...
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    SD Card(s) not reading

    There are some instructions in the owner manual that specify what kind of formatting structure is required on the SD card. I don't have my manual handy (wife is out driving the car), otherwise, I'd scan the page for you. Perhaps have a look in the owner manual (in the supplement booklet for...
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    Infotainment Glitch?

    VW has acknowledged the radio problem. Occasionally, when the radio is turned on, it will start up on frequency 87.7 (bottom of the FM band) rather than whatever it was on when it was turned off. A technical bulletin has been issued, although VW has been a little slow getting the SD cards with...
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    Changing from Compact spare to full sized - 2015 Golf ?

    Respectfully, I'm not sure I agree with you. There is a significant difference in weight between a full size spare and a compact spare. There's also a difference in diameter, which means that a larger (and thus heavier) structure is required to house a full size spare. In the past 45 years of...
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    XM Radio won't activate...

    Bringing a 6 year old discussion back to life... I'm having exactly the same problem that the OP wrote about back in 2009, except this time with my 2015 Highline Golf with Multimedia (a Canadian car). The SiriusXM radio (apparently it's actually an XM radio, but it self-identifies as...
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    Convex glass for mirrors?

    No, no, no, don't do that, it's not what you want. Trust me on this one, because I have made that mistake myself in the past. In Europe (continental Europe, where all the cars are left hand drive, like ours), the standard mirror fitted to the driver side of the car is aspherical (it has a...
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    2015 VW pricing & order guide

    Thanks very much for uploading that guide, it is very useful. Michael
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    My 2015 Golf TDI

    Hi Jeff: Thanks for posting the picture of your car. The paint colour looks really, really good, I am impressed. Michael
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    Will the MK VII TDI be available in Canada with the 'PO8' Driver Assistance Package?

    Here is a snapshot from the US dealer order guide (as of June 2014) that describes this option:
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    Will the MK VII TDI be available in Canada with the 'PO8' Driver Assistance Package?

    I note that VW of America is offering an option package on 2015 Golfs that includes Park Distance Control and Forward Collision Warning. In the US pricing guide, this is described as the 'PO8 Driver Assistance Package'. It was not available at the start of production, but became available...