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    Set of 4 OEM 09 JSW wheels with mounted winter tires (IL)

    I'm down to 1 VW with 2 sets of wheels with winter tires, this set is ready for a good home. Mostly in great shape, just the bit of road rash on the one wheel in the close up. Tires are Michelin Primacy Alpine PA3 with 7-8/32nds of tread left. Size 205/55 R16, they are pretty old, date code...
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    Deadline to accept offer ??

    Reading through my paperwork I thought I read that I have 90 days to complete the buyback after accepting their offer.
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    Getting their act together?

    Yep, but I do not know the build date for my replacement vehicle yet, so will stall. Looking at the web portal my dealer only has Monday and Tuesday slots, first available is the first week of March.
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    Getting their act together?

    I gave all of my initial documents on Monday night, by Friday I was able to schedule my buyback appointment. Likely would have been Thursday if I wouldn't have waited a day to upload my notarized form. This is definitely getting quicker, one caveat is that I hold the car's title.
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    Buy Back Spreadsheet - Track our buyback status

    They are getting better at this! Date Submitted: 1/2/17 Date Accepted: 1/3/17 Offer Received: 1/5/17 Note, I own my extremely low mileage 09 JSW and need to stall as my replacement car has a delivery date of "late February, March".
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    How to do your buyback calculations (& post them here!)

    My 09 JSW with roughly 55,000 on the ODO works out to about $16,800. If I wait a couple months past October I will likely get to add a another $420 as we put very few miles on the car. Could be one heck of a down payment for a Model S.
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    Cel: P047a & p0401

    Just got this cel today, first time it showed up was after the dealer performed an oil change and replaced the mechitronic unit. (and placed a nice dent in the back of the car) Got 2 blocks away and noticed the CEL, they say its covered under warranty, even though I am over my 3 yr warranty.
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    Window roll down/up from key fob

    I had no problem figuring that out, and for what I can tell I've checked all the correct boxes, but my keyfob still won't operate the windows. :confused:
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    Window roll down/up from key fob

    Sorry to dredge up an older thread but I thought this would be a cool mod for my 09 JSW. I fired up my copy of VCDS and went into the Central convenience module->long coding helper brought up byte 6, comfort function inactive was already unchecked, I checked the two boxes in byte 7 related to...
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    Mk4 tdi glow plugs

    All you need to know is in this thread. It's very easy to do, I know nothing about working on cars but you can easily replace a glow plug in a matter of minutes.
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    Fs: A4 Tdi Ecu $100

    Still for sale.
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    FS: 4 Never used OEM bridgestones for MkV Jetta

    Sorry guys, sold to the first bidder yesterday.
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    Fs: A4 Tdi Ecu $100

    Came from an 01 manual Golf, was purchased years ago when my mechanic thought my original ECU was bad (ended up being Relay 109).
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    FS: 4 Never used OEM bridgestones for MkV Jetta

    As the title says, came with alloys purchased from dealer. Made 38th week 2008. Would like $150. Willing to ship at your expense.
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    '01 1.9L Golf TDI 124,000 - Seized Motor??

    Yep, still have a perfectly good ECU from when the mechanic thought that was what was wrong with it. Seems the silly relay causes manuals to die and autos to stop turning over. I could hear the starter trying to turn the engine over, but the engine was locked in place. Again, there were a...