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    ALH Jetta Timing Belt Fiasco

    A notch on the balancer lines up with a notch on the tin. It will be something like this.
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    ALH Jetta Timing Belt Fiasco

    I always find and mark the flywheel before I remove the belt, that way I know I'm looking for my mark and it's correct. There is a mark on the balancer that lines up with a mark on the top of the lower timing belt cover for TDC.
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    ALH Jetta Timing Belt Fiasco

    Crank at TDC and both pins installed, the pump and the cam.
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    Engine Rocking back and forth with ease

    Yes. you'll have to get under it and look at the dogbone mount.
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    ALH Jetta Timing Belt Fiasco

    Take it apart as much as you have to to verify the timing. If it's right, then that's a relief. Then reset your pump so it's at the baseline setting. If it's not in time prepare yourself to pull the head.
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    2015 TDI Alternator Replacement

    I'm sure you'll have to put the front in the service position to get to it. I don't know what info you'll find with this, but you'll get the idea...
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    Best water pump?

    I mostly have Hepu pumps at this point. I have sold a lot of Graf pumps also in the last few years. I haven't had a warrant request on a pump in ages.
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    Turbo intake hard pipe melted

    An exhaust leak was my first thought. A hole in that pipe wouldn't directly impact power like a leak on the boost side would, but I'm sure with the right circumstances it could make it run poor. Like if it's sucking in pure exhaust and trying to run on it and the MAF reading would be off.
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    Drive axle install

    Wasn't one of the original Bentley manuals flat out wrong with the torque specs for this? I wouldn't torque one different from the other. The twelve point nuts have the big washer on them, most of the 6 points don't. The earlier cars that actually used the six point nut had a separate big washer...
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    Seat Pick Up and Ship?

    I am of no help to you, but I learned something today. I didn't know you could ship by Fastenal.
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    Can you still get an alh golf that won’t need repairs in the near future?

    Could you buy a 2002 VW in 2002 that wouldn't need repairs for two years? Probably not.
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    ///// Needed : Source for good cooling system hose kit etc .... /////

    That kit is more of a while you're replacing the radiator kit than a hose replacement kit. There are many more hoses under the hood. VW hoses hold up excellent, they are just typically not an issue. It is likely that most replacements would not be the same quality, Even compared to an 18 year...
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    2004-5 Passat Engine Transverse?

    Yes, the Passat is longitudinal and a Golf, Jetta or New Beetle are transverse. I don't have any good advise for you other than buy the absolute nicest car you can find for a starting point. There's no point in investing all the time and money into a wreck. The Passat has more in common with an...
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    The old site had run it's course. It was long over due for a change. All constructive input is welcome. If anyone notices a spelling error or something that isn't described correctly let me know so it can be fixed.
  15. Metal Man news, new parts and deals

    My new web site is up and running. It's far from done. I still have a lot of products to add, so as always if you don't see what you need just ask.