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    PASSAT BHW- Rough Idle when cold and High fuel consumption/Low power

    I had an issue with the in-tank pump, but the engine would just die. For reference, the old pump flowed 0.7 lpm, and the brand new one flowed just over 2 lpm. It was a VDO unit which is the original manufacturer. The new pump was identical to the factory pump. In fact, it came from the same...
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    Common issues for the Q5 TDI?

    I have a '16 A7 that we bought about a year ago with around 70k, and my wife has a '15 Q7 that we bought around 4 years ago with 35k. Both of them are around 85k now. Other than regular maintenance, the only thing is engine mounts on the A7, and interior/electrical issues on the Q7. (seat back...
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    changed convenience module, should vag recognize it?

    You can check the solenoid pretty easily. You can also check the CCM by hooking up either a meter or test light in place of the solenoid. This is exactly what I was referring to in my previous post. I chased some crazy CCM behavior after I replaced it with a used eBay one. What's really...
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    Can anyone help me identify this harness, near the ECU?

    Scratch my comments about only needing 14 and 15. I see from your other posts this is going into an Allroad. I have no idea what circuits you need. Since it's another VAG, likely some of the others are used.
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    changed convenience module, should vag recognize it?

    Yes. Beware that there are differences in modules even with the same part number. What sort of issue are you having?
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    Acquired a BHW Engine from a 2005 Passat TDI. Need help with a maintenance list

    You want to figure out if fuel or oil or both have been leaking onto the coolant fitting, and correct that. Otherwise you will be replacing it again. Check all the hoses for swelling or softening. Check the alternator pulley. If it's black, I'd replace it with the upgraded one which is not...
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    Can anyone help me identify this harness, near the ECU?

    It seems that is T15s, the 15 pin red connector in the ECU box. It would be a 16 pin connector except the location for what would be pin 10 is skipped and pin 10 is where 11 would be if it were a 16 pin. According to the wiring diagrams I can find in the Bentley manual the pinouts are as...
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    Can anyone help me identify this harness, near the ECU?

    I believe that is the 16 pin connector that goes to the dash. The outer cover might be black and part number 4B0972585. I'm having trouble with the windows virtual machine that I run the Bentley manual on so I couldn't get to the wiring diagram. If I get it working I'll let you know.
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    Head gaskets?

    I stand corrected. That's what I get for not verifying. I couldn't remember the actual codes. I actually went with the BRM. I got it from Cascade German back when they were BoraParts. I agree that it was mostly unnecessary. (Previous post edited to not lead someone astray in the future.)
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    Head gaskets?

    The only difference is that the BRM spins the oil pump a little faster. It probably doesn't matter. I went with the the BRM in an attempt to increase oil flow to the top end and extend the life of the cam, but that was 8 years and 80k ago. Now there's many standard setups motoring on without...
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    v157 intake regulating flap motor

    When it failed on mine the only noticable symptom other than "emissions workshop" was that it was a little rough on shut down periodically.
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    Head gaskets?

    In my opinion it's a bit easier to figure out what's wrong with a running engine than one that's dismantled. If it's still in the Passat, and drivable I'd run it like that for a bit to try and figure out what it is first. Even if I was dead set on rebuilding it, I'd swap it into the XJ, get...
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    New to me Q7 TDI

    Nice looking rig. That's the first time I've seen the 21" titanium peelers without the s-line sport package. Did you check the tire placard to see if they are stock? Not that it matters. I am just wondering. My wife's has the same wheels but they came with the s-line sport and black optics...
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    Just purchased! Q7 TDI

    Nice rig. Also like the color. My wife's is a "hueless" dark grey. :) The blue is nice. I see you also have a 5sp BHW. Now all you need is a CPNB A7. OH is not entirely jesting with the "money from your bank account" comment. These guys are not really cheap to maintain. The oil and...
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    What did you do to your Audi TDI today?

    Guess I should have clarified the above was on the '15 Q7. I might check the A7 just for good measure. Depending on how many miles you have put on it, they may have. I only get around 35k on a set of oe pads and rotors. You can change over to ceramic pads. They last longer, have less dust...