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    FS: Ross-Tech MicroCAN cable for Mk5 cars

    I have an official Ross-Tech MicroCAN cable for all Mk5 cars for sale. It has only been used a handful of times. I upgraded my older cable which makes this one redundant in my toolbox. See this link for more info: It is currently selling for...
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    WTB: DRW transmission

    Let me know what you have.
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    Mini TB GTG - Highland, NY, Feb 9-10

    OK, my friend has graciously allowed me to use his garage for the weekend. I currently have three timing belts scheduled. I have 1 extra ALH tb kit available. If anyone needs a timing belt done and would like to have it done next weekend, please contact me asap so I can order additional kits if...
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    FS: 4 steel wheels, 5X100, 2 Michelin tires

    I have 4 15" steel wheels for sale. Fits anything on an A4 chassis. $100/BO. Would prefer local sale, but will ship for whatever actual shipping cost is. I have two Michelin OEM MXV4 tires, 195/65R15. These were take-offs, so the actual mileage is unknown. They have a good amount of tread...
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    Driving event results

    Some of you have better handwriting than others, so bear with me... :D Name- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Time (including penalties, 5 sec per cone) 1. Tyler Bradley - - - - - - - - - - - 1:06 2. Octavian V (doc_oc) - - - - - - -1:07 3. Lawson Earl (VeeDubTDI) - - - - 1:08 4. Mike Hillman...
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    Plans for David_594's bus...

    Here you go...:D
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    Aaack!! Who is getting their TB done this Saturday?

    I don't have your contact info. Please call or PM me ASAP. Thanks.
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    Free: (2) 55 gallon barrels and (1) 30 gallon barrel

    The 55 gallon barrels had HHO in them, the 30 gallon was used for Jet A storage. Local pickup only, please. I won't ship.
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    12 Hours of Sebring DVDs

    Missed the race? Ran out of VHS tapes? You're in luck! I have a maximum quality recording of all 10 hours broadcast. 6 DVDs, approximately 1 hour, 25 minutes on each. All commercials have been removed. NTSC and PAL versions are available. I will ship worldwide. Cost is $25 shipped...
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    Pop up for user info

    I like how the first few lines of a post appear when you hold the mouse over the subject. Can that be done with the user's profile as well? If someone makes a post with a subject of "Help, stranded!", I could simply mouse over the name of the thread starter and see his/her profile including...
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    GB Feeler: Webasto BlueHeat systems

    For those unfamiliar with BlueHeat, please check out the following links: This is a parking heater that runs off the car's fuel. It is far more efficient than idling the car and emits less...
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    October 28 - Halloween GTG!!

    The TDI Tiki Lounge will be host to the first (that I know of) Halloween TDI party/GTG! This will be a similar set up as the Unbirthday GTG, but this time, you'll be in costume! Families welcome, bring a dish, etc. Standard GTG rules apply. If anyone is traveling a long distance, you are...
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    Skidplate: 2, Me: 0

    I'm sure you'll all be kind and understanding of my pain...
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    FS: 4 Goodyear Ultragrip HP on steelies

    Size: 195/65/15, tires are studded, only 2000 miles on them, mounted and balanced on steel 5X100 wheels. Would prefer to sell as a complete set. Tires are located in New Paltz, NY. Selling on behalf of a friend who sold his TDI. Asking $250/BO.
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    Red Beetle, Holyoke MA

    Saw a red Beetle with a TDI badge under the VW emblem. Female driver, Borbet wheels (I think), took a Northhampton exit around 1:30 PM today. I honked and waved. Nice car!