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    You should contact freekwithracket here on the forum. He is in the vendor section and he might be able to help you with your old light and retro fit them to hid. He does nice work
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    Clutch slave cylinder question

    Just undo the 2 bolts and pull the cylinder out.. it is nowmal that there is spring tension on it. That is the way it is built. Ifit falls apart than you need a new one in the firstplace. If you undo the line and pull the transmission out it would of fallen apart anyways. So do yourself less...
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    trip computer has gone strange since i took the battery off !!

    Well if it did not do it before than just try a battery reset. I could explain it to you but look at this video and it is easy to do. Leave the two posts together for about 10 minutes and see if that fixes it. Other than that, if you did remove the ground first and not the possitive and...
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    Bad lag with new head

    Just a silly question did you check your injection pump timing after replacing head. And did vacuum hose on the n75 vent hose go to the air filter , not that it is kinked which will make it sluggish
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    Cranks but won’t fire computer is good

    I guess you did not have the injection pump in lock position. Well good thing it's running now. Just wanna ask you did you also replace the belt and idlers/tensioner while you had everything apart?
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    Cranks but won’t fire computer is good

    What they are saying is did you lock your injection pump with the special tool or a drill bit? If you did not than your injection timing is off and the car will not start. It needs to be in a very small window to actually start the car...
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    Shop filled my "507-required" Jetta with 505 -what to do?

    Well I guess you all know better and I sure hope the best . Do your oil changes as you like as I guess I dont know anything. For the last 26 years I've been a mechanic and have repaired engines like yours do to lack of oil changes. But some people just wont learn Victor. Do your changes as you...
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    Shop filled my "507-required" Jetta with 505 -what to do?

    Tdiatlast not sure if you read my last post correctly but that is what I sayed. Mr Ontario wanted to do 15k oil changes. And I nicely suggested to do 10k oil hanges I dont know how many km you drive on your changes, drive 24k I dont care.i just mentioned to him that 15k is to much
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    Shop filled my "507-required" Jetta with 505 -what to do?

    I guess it was a bit sarcastic but I meant it. 10000 km max on North American diesel.. listen we have bad diesel in North America and the cetain is not like it is in Europe so there is so much more blow by in the engine. In europe they even have 24000 km engine oil as the have more cetain in...
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    Saw transport truck of older TDIs

    I did not know in the east coast of canadav the plates stay with the car .. Here in BC you have to take them off.. Anyways what a shame to see them not being driven
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    Saw transport truck of older TDIs

    If those where Buy back vehicles would the owned have removed the license plate?
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    mufflerectomy modders. Are you happy with your decision?

    When I cut out my muffler there was a slight diffference in noise, but I wanted more. When a customer needed a new cat , I kept his old one and modefied it so the cat was removed and a straight pipe went in its place. I loved the way my car sounded. A friend once sayed when I guned my car...
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    Installed pd150 intake manifold and TIP, lost turbo?

    Did you pinch the vent hose on the N75 valve that goes to the airfilter.. my coworker pinched the hose after doing some work on a customer car and had NO power