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    sales tax

    This may depend on the state. Back in '08 I totalled my '02. My insurance company cut me a check for the value of the car plus sales tax, since they were technically buying my car. When i bought a replacement, I paid sales tax on the full value of the purchase. Can the tax paid on the wreck be...
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    Going to look at an Alltrack

    Did you actually see/drive one? I'm very interested in tbis car. All the dealers around me are showing them on their websites w/o photos, saying they're being prepped for sale. The one that showed photos used stock photos. None of them have cars on the lot yet.
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    1-1-2016 Ho5G GTG

    You're still running a Phatbox?? There is a chance that I may by able to attend this HO5G. I don't know which vehicle I will be driving, as I plan to buy myself a nice Christmas present in the next few days.
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    How about a Last Friday?

    I think the Berkshires to Woburn on a Friday would be even greater torture. If there's a FF/LF/ or any other F event a little farther west in the near future, I'll try to make it.
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    Chevy Colorado Diesel

    I've been checking every 2 or 3 days for about 2 months now. I have never seen an option for the Diesel.
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    Chevy Colorado Diesel

    How exactly did you price one out? The Chrvy/GMC websites don't even allow you to pick the Diesel.engine in the "Build & Price" section. I tried all cab/bed versions and 2wd vs 4wd. I have seen no option to add the Diesel. My friend who is a trainer/manager at a Chevy/Buick store can't even get...
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    Volunteer in SE N.Y., Warwick, looking for garage for 40k w/dsg.

    Get in touch with TDIJetta99. He's in Port Jervis, not too far from Warwick.
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    1-1-2015 Ho5G GTG

    Good to know, but I'll have to take a rain check after all. My sister has planned my nephew's 2nd birthday party on 1/1. His birthday is actually 1/2, but she didn't want to hold it on Friday or Saturday. Maybe next year will work.
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    1-1-2015 Ho5G GTG

    Will I be shunned if I show up in my San Antonio built abomination??
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    Calling electrical GURUs

    A switch will get hot if the load is increased, as when a relay is bypassed and current increases. Since the dash lights lights are dimming, I would still check all the grounds. A bad ground can cause a lot of weird symptoms.
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    How about this intake??

    Don't waste your money on a BOV. Until you have huge displacement and really huge turbos, a BOV is pointless on a small Diesel. With a small VW TDI, you'll actually lose performance. Go with a chiptune from RocketChip or Malone. You won't regret it.
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    Tire Time! Winter (Not Snow) Alternatives to Nokian

    He should be OK. Rt 63 and 116 are pretty flat. Amherst does a decent job of plowing. Campus is another story. He won't want to try driving up Clark Hill Road of Chancellor's Dr to Orchard Hill. If he's parking in a yellow lot, make sure he has a shovel.
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    Full size spare speed limit?

    According to TireRack, T = 118 mph and V= 149 mph. Since both tires have the same load rating, install it (front or rear) and drive as usual. Back in '10 I picked up a nail in my right rear tire in Seattle. I threw on the full size, equally rated spare on, and drove to Massachusetts. The...
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    Tire Time! Winter (Not Snow) Alternatives to Nokian

    I had a set of Altimax Arctics on my '10 Golf for 2 seasons and 1 season on my 'Jetta. I was really surprised by the tread life. I must have put at least 20k miles on them and they still had lots of tread I gave them to my sister for her 2.5 JSW last year. I live in Western Mass: they...
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    Calling electrical GURUs

    Any progress? I would check all the grounds for the lights and the flasher.