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    5 speed swap

    $1000 in labour would be a good deal... plus parts.
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    How prone are the heads on the alh to cracking?

    Not prone to cracking.. haven't seen one cracked yet. Not common to leak coolant from head gasket either. More common would be the coolant side flange at the end of the head leaking... when it leaks, it will run along the parting line of the block/head. I would make sure that isn't your...
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    Sleeping in the Golf

    LOL. Buy a wagon..
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    My battery light came on...

    If connections are good, voltage regulator should fix it. Alternator replacement is necessary if the bearings or the rotor are damaged/worn out.
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    Rear caliper hung up. Not slide pins?

    Flex hose is a pretty rare failure. You could open the bleeder and try to twist the piston back... if it's still stiff, this would confirm a bad caliper. Replace the caliper.
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    Value for my '05

    $1000 would be the very most I would pay, if the body was appealing. Depends on mileage as well, even though the engine is fubar.
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    Bastard charging problem; replaced EVERYTHING and still no charge??

    Blue wire is very common to break at the connector above the starter motor. You should have ~12v on the blue wire with they key on. This is the field circuit. Without voltage, your alternator will not charge.
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    AC coil

    Resistance of a working coil should be right around 4ohms.
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    Auto to manual

    No need to chance ECU. Waste of time. You will want to modify the automatic harness via the instructions online.
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    New LUK clutch slipping

    Ditto. On a stock or lightly modified TDI.. take it easy (no wide open throttle) for 100-200km. Never had a problem after that.
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    trying to assemble new front strut, but piston keeps retracting itself

    I've seen many new struts do this. It can be a pain.
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    understanding front end alignment computer readout

    Cross camber -1.0*. If equal on both sides, that is -0.5* camber on each front wheel. This is perfect. The "guy" at Firestone... must be his first alignment!
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    ALH Runaway!

    Likely find a melted piston or two. It should be toast.
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    Clusters Swap

    The screen will be blank and back lit in blue. Will swap no problem.