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    Transmission fluids

    Only things I would use are VW OEM for that 6 speed, or Red Line MT-LV. Not MT90, not MTL, but specifically MT-LV. OEM part no is G 052 527 A2
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    Would a 02T 5th Gear Set Work in a 02A?

    No, absolutely will not. Different architecture, VW also refers to the 02T as an MQ200 gearbox. Splines and shafts on 02Ts are smaller than MQ250 02A/02J/0A4/02S/02R/02Z boxes. Cascade German is having a manufacturer repop 0.681 gearsets for MQ250 like your 02A, but aren't expecting them until...
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    Intermittent misfires on BEW

    Still a good thing to check MVB 23. An iffy solenoid or harness connection will show up as a much higher positive value than normal...
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    02S 6 speed conversion into 02J case

    Angle has a good bit to do with it, too. My air hammer is a Snap On PH3050, it does have an adjuster near the air hose adapter. But, it can be controlled by the trigger, too. I'm noticing the 02S and also newer 0A4s use a different roll pin that doesn't have such a nice little groove to get...
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    02S 6 speed conversion into 02J case

    The Eurotuning kit is neat because it is able to be accomplished without even pulling the transmission, let alone splitting the case open. So, it takes far less work. Plus, this means you don't have to worry about getting a specific final drive ratio, because you're adding it to whatever your...
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    02S 6 speed conversion into 02J case

    Heh, what came up on Facebook memories today, photo dated May 19, 2012. Photo of the kit being installed on John Jackson's B4V 11 years ago today. Miss ya, John!
  7. Eurotuning 6 speed kit on John Jackson's former B4V

    Eurotuning 6 speed kit on John Jackson's former B4V

    This was a photo taken May 19, 2012. Came up on Facebook memories today (5/19/23).
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    5 speed transmission problem

    Cable ends are changeable, though. The cables are the same for all the 2000 and later. I'm finding I prefer the 2000-2001 cable ends and matching "ball style" levers, but that's only from a shift-feel/preciseness point of view. They are a bigger pain to service otherwise. Much more difficult to...
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    02S 6 speed conversion into 02J case

    Went ahead and made a video showing how I remove the pin. Also included some info on the differences between MQ250 differentials over the years. Seems the camera got adjusted from where I had it before, so it's aimed a little higher than is ideal, but you should be able to get the point at least.
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    Tech Tip, 0A4 special drain and fill procedure 2023-05-18

    In this document, VW claims the reason for the special drain and fill procedure on the 0A4 family 5 speeds (Mk5 and newer MQ250 5 speed, which is an evolution of the 02J and 02A before it) is because the whole drivetrain is mounted more upright than they are on older generations, which might be...
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    Intermittent misfires on BEW

    Is the shuddering happening under higher load than most of your commute? As in, is it the steepest uphill of your drive? PDs like to shudder under higher loads when they have a clogged fuel filter. This is actually something you can see in live data/measured values. Block 23 shows deviation in...
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    Valve stems, 8mm vs. 7mm

    Yeah, never really had a concern over Puebla cars personally. What I do have concerns with are the turds coming out of Chattanooga recently, though... Water leaks galore and all kinds of other dumb assembly-related problems. Dealer technicians have lost all faith in VW's ability to make a...
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    gear driven timing conversion

    Want a gear-driven OHC TDI? Buy a V10 Touareg, and enjoy how much time is involved in doing anything on that engine. lol And, it's a PD, so it will almost certainly wear its camshafts. So, instead of the cam job taking 4-5 hours with a timing belt like is the case on most 4 cylinder PDs, it's...
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    New California smog checks.......

    There are a number of counties in California that don't require biennial smog checks, but they generally still have a rule that whenever a car title is transferred to a new owner in state, it still needs to be smogged. A number of counties in the Sierras and even the North half of Sonoma county...
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    02S 6 speed conversion into 02J case

    Looking more closely, 2nd and 3rd gear are oddly a little taller on the QVX/PTW boxes. And first is back down to the normal (for older TDIs) 3.77. But then 4th through 6th end up being the same as the TKR code I used for my car. QVX/PTW codes: 60/19 = 3.16 final drive/R&P 34/9 = 3.77 1st gear...