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    jetta vs golf center console & glove box interchangeability? I have both the cup holder center console, and large glove box in my 00 Jetta. Just have to remove the "accordion" and the bracket as shown in the post I linked.
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    Gas or no gas?

    The 2.0 is N/A. Only the 1.8t and the TDI are turbocharged for MK4's. 2.slows are fine for daily drivers, good economy, and pretty reliable. But boring and slow.
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    defroster lines... series or parallel?

    Parallel. If they were in series, when one burned out, the rest wouldn't work.
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    Best way to prime ALH 10mm injection pump?

    Link to the parts kit? Hopefully not sold by Prothe. Use a Mityvac. Pull fuel through the return line on the pump. Once you've gotten most of the bubbles out, crack an injector line and crank until fuel sprays out of it. Do it to the next 3 injectors. Should fire up right away after that.
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    6speed 02m from GTI swap to my TDI??

    The gear ratios in the 02M will be for a gasser. They won't really play well with a diesel engine. But yes, you'd need a 6 speed clutch, and axles. I think you also need a 6 speed starter, possibly shift linkage and cables, and trans mount bracket. Not worth it IMO. Go with a slightly longer 5th...
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    What is this set up under my hood?

    Looks to be a home-made catch can. That line coming out of the PCV is pretty kinked, might want to straighten that so the crankcase can breathe properly.
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    2004 TDI Jetta 4 Starters in 2 years!

    What Toxic said. Rebuilds are done way way too cheap nowadays. I warrantied 5 starters in 8 months. The ring around the starter gear kept breaking, and then the whole starter case would break. Ended up eating my flywheel and I had to replace it. I swapped in a new starter from Rockauto and all...
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    Opening the door requires 2 pulls to the inside handle only while locked?

    I had taken apart my passenger door panel, and it started doing what's happening to you. I found the the cable for the door handle was engaged in the handle, but the outer sheath of the cable had popped out of it's clip. Popping it back in to the clip fixed the issue.
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    VSS issues after clutch change

    No? If you set your wipers on the first speed, you'll notice they wipe less often when you're stopped, and more often while you're moving down the road. VSS signal to the ECU does all that.
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    VSS issues after clutch change

    Awesome! Glad I was able to help. Yeah, the VSS surprisingly does a lot. You probably didn't notice it, but it also controls wiper speed compared to vehicle speed.
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    VSS issues after clutch change

    There's a little disk that sits in the VSS before you put the connector on top of it. Check to see if that's still there. Doing my buddies clutch on his 1.8t we misplaced it and had the exact issues you're having.
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    Aftermarket Cv axle WARNING

    I've had no problems with my Napa replacement axle...yet. However, I re-used the hardware from my original axle. The new hardware Napa gives you didn't look as good, and it was a hex drive, not triple square like the original VW hardware.
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    Steering problem

    Just cut a window in the subframe, weld the nut back on, and close the window up.
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    Tdi buyback brake swap

    It wouldn't work. Even if the rotors/pads fit without modification, the rotors are drilled for a 5x112 bolt pattern. MK4's use 5x100. So your wheels wouldn't fit, not to mention the steering knuckle and caliper setup is much different between the 2 cars.
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    MKIV Rear Axle Bushing Write-up links I was going to use this guide when I go to do mine.