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    Strut/shock replacement tips?

    Bentley also calls for the replacement of the top strut nut.
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    Questions on frt strut/spindle/A-arm replacement.

    Re: Questions on frt strut/spindle/A-arm replaceme Spindles on the car are the same - one pc. Hopefully the swap will be painless and all the parts the same. No damage to the engine oil pan or the trans. case. I can see a witness mark the length of the plastic cover ending in a pinched off...
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    Questions on frt strut/spindle/A-arm replacement.

    Re: Questions on frt strut/spindle/A-arm replaceme You may be right. I just looked at the '04 spindles and they are one pc. (caliper sliders are integral to the spindle). I am hoping the ones on my car ('02) are the same. I can't see them until I lift her up. I am about to do that now since...
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    Extra Seat Springs?

    Mine now hang in the garage. I found the plastic pc. a week later laying under the seat. The engineer who came up with this as a way to secure one end outa have his arse wooped. The chunk of plastic I saw wouldn't last the life of the car - I can't believe it ever held it! Don't worry about...
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    Questions on frt strut/spindle/A-arm replacement.

    Re: Questions on frt strut/spindle/A-arm replaceme I got all of the nuts and bolts I needed to change everything out from the Dealer - only $24 to do it all. I was going to do the switch this week or weekend but it is going to stay in the 90's and high humidity so I think I will go up North...
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    Questions on frt strut/spindle/A-arm replacement.

    There was a train car load of cars in a salvage yard in Belleville Michigan a while back. Don't know what is left by now though. My friend did buy a set of alloys off of one recently.
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    Questions on frt strut/spindle/A-arm replacement.

    I am about to replace the complete front strut assemblies that include the a-arm on my '02 Jetta. First question is: the assy.'s I am putting on it are off of an '04 Jetta TDI - are there any differences or are they plug and play (hopefully).? The Bentley doesn't cover this procedure as I am...
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    Help! Wife wants to sell the TDI!

    Don't get me wrong - I love my Wife dearly - but - if I had to choose between a Golf and a Civic I would have to choose the Civic and then the Wife in that order before the TDI (Relax - just kidding about the Wife - but not the Civic). My Daughter's friend has a Civic and it is one of the more...
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    Installed and used my Hidden Hitch !

    Class I hitch which is rated for 2,000 lbs. with a 200 lb. tongue weight - more than enough for these vehicles. I am very happy with it so far. You will be surprised how much it comes in handy and how many times I've used it since install.
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    Where have all the Purolator filters gone?

    I like the Bosch filters but my sand rail is powder coated Candy Blue and the PureOne filter is the same color and makes my motor look "really Cool" ! I do think the Purolator filter (Pureone) is the best available in a can filter though. Thanks
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    Where have all the Purolator filters gone?

    Thanks - I have an Advance Auto 23 miles from my house where I can pick some up. Never heard of any of the other stores (except Sears and Pep Bros)
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    IT'S ALIVE!!!!! Updates to engine repl./install

    Re: 303K miles is all she\'s got!!!! Carnage insid It is highly unlikely (actually impossible through normal wear) to remove enough material from a carborized surface to reach the core no matter how light the case is. Low carbon steel usually carborizes at a rate of around 0.005" per hour...
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    My rant against VWoA

    I would like to see VW offer a mini van again with a Diesel. The Bus and Vanagon were the ultimate vans in the day (heck - the vanagon is still beyond what is offered in the market today as far as room and suspension/ride). A midsize P.U. with a Diesel would be nice also. The Polo would also...
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    if not VW, then what would you drive ?

    You just answered your own question - you won't find as good of a car as your Golf for that kind of money ! There isn't anything outside of the VW Company that makes this high a level of Auto for that kind of money. NADA!!! As far as VW's commitment to N.A., they have been here for 57 years...