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    The Daily Driver picture thread

    My B4V's have been my DD's for close to 15 years -- PaTuDI for 10, now Flash for almost 4. Just the right size, comfortable, reliable, good fuel economy. Can't beat 'em! Maintenance is the key, just like for any other car.
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    Help bought a used 2000 jetta

    Sounds exactly like our 2000 when it was a tooth off. It only takes one tooth to completely mess the timing range up. Start over with the correct lock down tools, no mark & pray.
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    Part replacement questions on '96 TDI Passat

    Cascade German is also a top notch source.
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    Who made their mk4 TDI their daily driver?

    Bought the Jetta for hubby when we thought he was going to have a 35mi commute one way. That job fell through after a few months, but the Jetta's still his daily driver and what we use for road trips. Drove it round trip San Jose-Morro Bay, a/c on, in winds, and got 52.6mpg. Can't beat that!
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    Help with insurance adjustor?

    EXACTLY!!! Liberty Mutual's first offer for my B4V, in prime condition, was $2600 -- using a gasser sedan and a wagon with a blown tranny for "comps". Fair Market Value at the time, going off the real comps that I found in the Western US was $6300. It took from June to the following February...
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    Help with insurance adjustor?

    It's an issue because the insurance companies most often refuse to play by the rules of the State of California.
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    Help with insurance adjustor?

    Memorize the "Fair Claims Settlement Act" on the Dept of Ins website. Quote it chapter and verse to the adjustor and stand firm. Make a list of the comps that YOU find on CraigsList according to the Act and put it in table form with your car in the first column. I went through this exact...
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    60+ days in the shop, still no diagnosis

    File a report with the BAR against the second guy, if he's a legit mechanic. Failing to provide old parts and a written invoice are huge no-no's to them.
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    FS: parts from a B4 1997 VR6 Passat Wagon in Chicago,IL

    Need the top trim piece at the back of the headliner at the hatch! In the picture, it's the lighter colored piece. PM me what you want for it!
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    '96 B4 Sedan in Arizona Junkyard, anyone need parts?

    Need the drivers side side marker "light" (the triangular shaped one), mine fell victim to a car wash. Also the sun visor clips if still available. Only need the drivers side, but will take both.
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    for sale

    Sedans go for about half what wagons do, and wagons aren't going for 14K. At the high point a few years ago when my wagon was totaled, sedans were only selling for $2-3k. OP needs to find some comps and reprice accordingly.
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    SOLD -- 1996 B4V

    It's in San Jose. To reiterate, it's a donor car & must be trailered away.
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    SOLD -- 1996 B4V

    Feral -- it's still available. You'll need to trailer it back to Oregon.
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    Mileage for refresh?

    I'm guessing he was actually a gasser mechanic. Then the numbers he threw out would make sense. Soon as he stated over 300K was high mileage, I knew he was trying to blow smoke up my a$$. Trying to sell a vehicle can be very entertaining.