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    FS OEM MFD-G Navi Unit

    I have for sale a MFD version G navi unit that I installed in my 2004 Jetta that I recently sold, before selling the car I removed the navi unit and reinstalled the original audio equipment. This navi unit works perfect also included in the sale are the following: The wiring harness adaptor that...
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    FS .681 gear set

    Both sets have been sold. Thanks guys it was a pleasure to do business with you both! Mike
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    FS .681 gear set

    One set sold.
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    FS .681 gear set

    I have two sets of .681 gears that I don't need. The part numbers are O2D 311 361 and O2D 311 158 these items are new in the box. I am asking 285.00 per set shipped USPS Priority Mail...Thanks Mike
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    WTB .658 or .681 Fifth Gear

    .681 gear set I have two sets of .681 gears new in the box part numbers o2d 311 361 and o2d 311 158 let me know if you are interested....Mike
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    Replacment Starter Parts

    Thanks for the tip PDjetta! I will check into it monday, a little maintenance goes a long way !!
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    Replacment Starter Parts

    Hello Guys I do a little tdi work here in Northen VA and i would like to find a source for bushings, brush sets and such for starter maintenance. I have a Beetle here now for a timing belt and the starter cranks a little slow, battery load tests good, alt tested good, engine starts great...
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    Replacment Starter Parts

    Does any one know of a source for replacment parts for Bosch starters and alternators in the US east coast? Thanks Mike
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    A/C system oil capacity 99 TDI ??

    Thanks for the info!! Mike