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    Help with a Camshaft R&R

    Not the BRM PD, but I replaced the 2.0 BHW PD cam in the 2005 Passat. My one screw-up was loosening the head bolts thinking they were the cam bolts. I realized my mistake, ordered replacement head bolts, then proceeded with the cam replacement. I had to wait the extra day for the replacement...
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    Ho5G GTG First of the year 2020 (will this be the last one?)

    Yeah, I know what you mean. These 6 and 7 year old cars of ours aren't reliable....:rolleyes:
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    2005 BEW fuel economy

    I dont know about the upper end of your expectation of 50 mpg. My 2005 BEW 5 sp. wagon returned an average of about 45 (5.1~5.2 l/100km). My driving pattern / technique appears similar, so I'd expect similar results. I do suspect your calculation methods. Don't use miles or km per tank. Use the...
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    Requiescat in Pace, John Jackson

    Farewell, John, Corvair fan? Volt owner? We've more in common than I expected. May you have a full B4V tank to tide you over until we meet (if I don't make a wrong turn on my own trip).
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    Ho5G GTG First of the year 2020 (will this be the last one?)

    Oh, I knew that there was 9600 baud rate dial-up in the DPRCow Hampshire, and that on a clear day one could pick up a decent wireless signal from across the border in Mass, but it's been so long that I wasn't aware if any communication technology higher than tin cans on a string had been...
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    Ho5G GTG First of the year 2020 (will this be the last one?)

    An apology to PV&J: I regret that I have decided, in the best interest of all, that I would not be in attendance, even if you did choose to have a 2021 New Year's event. Skype, Teams, Zoom? That's a different. Oh, wait! Do they have internets in New Hampster?
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    TDI fans help doom diesel car in US

    Did no one else recognize Gopher's irony in bemoaning how VW damaged GM's passenger car diesel opportunity? It was GM and their diesel passenger car offerings that killed off the US diesel passenger car market 30 to 40 years ago. It took VW decades to get back any semblance of diesel car market...
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    2021 TDIFest Discusion Thread

    WOW! Things have changed since I last visited. New forum look and feel, and I see I need to re-size my avatar to fit the new space allocation. But some things haven't changed much. I still have only my diesel Bolens tractor, still using biodiesel that I bought three years ago. I am actually...
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    2017 annualized fuel economy

    There has been no monthly listing for some time, but those of us that do tabulate might want to brag or complain about our own result for the just completed year. 2017 annual mileage, one summary entry for the entire year. Driver: Lug_Nut Miles: 14,255 Gallons: 301.420 Model Year: 2005 Model...
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    wiring now

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    tie strap

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    leading cross-member

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    rear cross-member

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    module relocated to stud

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    color confusion