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    Cold Start Battery Warmer?

    TDI's require a minimum of 72ah ratings. You need the high amp hour rating to supply glow plugs then have enough left to crank engine. 94R ,as stated above, is the group to look for. R stands for reversed terminals.
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    Mixing some gas with Diesel in winter

    Water in fuel is all I worry about. Adding gas won't do anything to clear moisture that may be present. Small dose of Power Service white bottle to emulsify water is what I use. Changing your fuel filter to begin winter with a clean unit is a good idea.
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    Another oil sale you might be interested in (Delvac/TDT)

    I drove 47 miles up to Champaign to an O'reillys in a feeble attempt to save a buck. Since I needed another $100 in parts for Toyota and Ford gassers I maintain I thought I could justify the trip. Duh. They only had 9 quarts of 5W-30 gasser oil so I could only cash in on one coupon for $10. Then...
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    Another oil sale you might be interested in (Delvac/TDT)

    The cupon list part numbers as 1-5-20, 1-5-30, 1-10-30. Does this mean the 5W-40 is not included in theis rebate offer?
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    Unsolicited Endordsement for DG oil Bypass

    Cat Fuel Filter For TDI Find the fuel filter kit here.
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    Why I won't use biodiesel

    Never meant to imply anything like that. I've some biodiesel in my car now. You probably use waste oil as feedstock and receive no government subsidies. It's the governent subsidies I've a big problem with.
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    friend is using 15W40 in her TDI

    DA you didn't mean to say anything. Just going about your daily personal attacks. Proving to everyone what type of person you are. Now I'm done feeding the Trolls for today.
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    friend is using 15W40 in her TDI

    DA: You are such a Troll. Who do you think you'll impress by taking a sentence out of context then making up BS about improper oils?
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    Why I won't use biodiesel

    soberups: not wanting to start a spat here. but really. What fuel do you use to heat your home? How many light bulbs are burning in your house right now? How do you feel about $4.50 gallon milk so you can save the world with your E-85? How do you feel about Obama using a photo opp to pump...
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    Oil Change Frequency

    Would that be Nimwitt or Wise Guy? Both maybe. I made this Hacker accusation months back. Not being one to hold back on calling out a crook. This is straight up odometer fraud. Any third year law student should be able to either push this or tell me why being crook is a legal way to make...
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    BEW Belt Change

    We'd think she would be used to that by now. Just keep it away from the ocean salt water. :(
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    Why I won't use biodiesel

    I've posted many times before. Running anything more than B2 is a waste. "Bio diesel is a fuel additive." Corn based Ethanol is a joke from Satin. I blended in some B11 a while back. Half tank. It ran good. toped off agian with D2 at haldf tank. still runs good. I can top off again at half...
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    Proper VW Gear Oil for 2004 Jetta 02J EUH Transaxle?

    PDjetta has an 04. You've an 06. Transmissions may be the same. VW changes their mind on fluids like a squirrel in traffic. Reading though this "beast of a thread" it seems these VW trannys are fickle about thier diet.
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    Which oil would you use?

    $6.26 a bottle :) It's almost like VWOA is making an attempt to not alienate us. Can you feel the love. :rolleyes: If I were in the market for some oil right now. I'd have to think about it.
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    Unsolicited Endordsement for DG oil Bypass

    Oil will be black as soon as you back out the drive. Soot level as measured by UOA will not change much. What the filter will do is remove large soot particles that can harm the engine. Fine particles that have been held is suspension by oil additives will pass through even a sub 2 micron...