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    Can the CCV on a BHW be rotated?

    I'm dropping a BHW into my Jeep Wrangler but the kit I'm using has hoses for the BEW valve cover. The difference between the two is the CCV valve. They're 180 degree opposite of each other. It looks like you may be able to rotate it yourself but I don't want to break my valve cover trying...
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    Any good alternatives to Coty out there now?

    Which clutch did you end up using? Also how did you work out the tach?
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    Any good alternatives to Coty out there now?

    Thanks for the detailed response, I'll most definitely be getting the trans adapter from TDcoversions. I'll have to take a look at the BHW's wiring harness, I just remember my ALH being a nightmare, taking hours to cut it down and still at the end of the day I had a whole mess of wiring...
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    Any good alternatives to Coty out there now?

    Well it's been a long time, about 8 years ago I threw an ALH into Jeep YJ which was a great project but the wiring was just a nightmare for me and I'd like to go with a better mounting system this time around. I like Coty's Truss with the ability to use a Jeep AC and alternator with it. Also I...
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    Wiring harness info for my upcoming 2nd TDI into Jeep Swap

    About 6 years ago, I did an ALH swap into my old YJ but sold it a few years back. Since then, I've been itching to do a similar swap into my 05 LJR and looks like I may actually do it this upcoming spring. I'm planning on putting a 05/06 PD BEW TDI this time due to the various emission state...
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    Starting my 2nd TDI swap, BEW in 05 Rubicon, questions

    Looks like I'm selling my first swap which was a ALH TDI into a 94 YJ which means I'll have the funds to do my BEW swap into my 05 Rubicon LJ. Had some questions and was hoping to get a little help. I decided on the BEW over the ALH because I really like the HPA truss system, allowing me to...
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    Selling my 94 TDI Wrangler LYJ Unlimited length

    Moving to Africa, selling my TDI Jeep.
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    2003 Jeep TJ TDI HPA

    did you use the HPA wiring harness or make your own? I'm just wondering if the HPA harness is worth the pricetag.
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    2003 Jeep TJ TDI HPA

    Did you use the HPA wiring harness? I'm starting to gather ideas for my second wrangler TDI build and I'm really regretting the wiring part to the point where I may just go mTDI this time around. I see that HPA is offering a harness for around 1600 which I know is over priced(they're water...
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    Looking to start my second question, mTDI questions

    Well my current Wrangler TDI YLJ is running great. The engine is a perfect match, but the jeep part is still nickle/diming me to death. So looking to start a new project with a 2005 LJ. The biggest pain in my ass on the last swap was the wiring harness. It took forever to clean out the...
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    Getting your tdi swap to charge...?

    Finally back into my TDI swapped YJ and starting to work out the little kinks. How did you guys get the alternator to put out a full charge? Seems that mine barely if any charges the battery. I still have the full wiring harness (minus what i didn't need). Do I have to swap over a GM alt or...
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    Reassembling cylinder head questions

    I already contacted him but the quote started at 600 which is a little more than I have to spend right now. I enjoy learning something new and I would like to know how to do this. I know the head is good and straight so no reason to send it for repairs or anything. =Jason-
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    Reassembling cylinder head questions

    Well I had my head checked at a local shop here in town to make sure it was still straight and they nice people there cleaned and disassembled it for me without asking. So now I have a bare head and a box of parts. I have rebuilt blocks before but never a cylinder head. How hard is the job...
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    Help me figure out what happened to my alh

    Well head was straight and to my surprise, when I picked it up, they had disassembled it completely. Now I have rebuilt engines before and wouldn't mind learning to assemble a head but is there any guides out there to help? I've done quite a lot of searching but haven't found anything. Is it...
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    Help me figure out what happened to my alh

    Heads off so ill have to test it out of the engine. I'm planning deleting the egr system anyone I just want to know the problem before I put it back together again. Any suggestions on a good egr delete kit? This happened after replacing the hose. I refilled the system numerous times. Engine...