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    B4 glove box

    Bought this glove box to install in my 97 passat but it was wrecked before i could install it. I judt found it while cleaning out my garage If i recall its a direct bolt in. Perfect condition with key. Text for pics $100 shipped 727 247 9002
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    91 Toyota 4x4 tdi $3000

    Putting her back up for sale. Needs a transmission Xtra cab. Tons of new stuff Call or text for pics 727 two 47 9002
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    91 Toyota 4x4 tdi $5000

    For some reason I cannot and have not been able to upload pictures to any of my ads from the day I became a member. I have addressed this situation with the moderators on at least two occasions previously.
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    91 Toyota 4x4 tdi $5000

    Read the ad
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    91 Toyota 4x4 tdi $5000

    Truck runs and drives. Nothing but cosmetic things to finish
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    91 Toyota 4x4 tdi $5000

    After much debate I've decided to sell my 91 tdi powered Toyota x cab 4x4. I've become too busy to finish the minor details and don't see any time coming available. The truck was a v6 The truck has all new shocks, ball joints, steering components. New fuel tank. Sits on 31x10.5 tires. But has...
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    Aligning Toyota R150 Transmission

    I've got a r150 slice Pay the shipping and you can borrow it Lewis
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    Hoses on turbo

    Thanks for the info. I guess I'll use the n75
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    Hoses on turbo

    I havent found the answer to this and I think my waste gate is actuating preventing boost. I have a stock ahu motor I'm my toyota swap. On the turbo there are 2 nipples. 1 on the waste gate and 1 on the compressor housing. I'm not using a n79 solenoid so how do I run hoses to these 2...
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    1996 VW Passat Wagon For SALE

    Nice rig!
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    AHU TDI swap - vibration with single mass flywheel

    Is your drive shaft custom made? U joints aligned properly?
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    toyota swap

    Oil pressure gauge not working. I've tested the gauge for proper resistance (25 ohms). It will work if I ground the wire to the block. I've used both idiot light senders and gauge senders and still no working gauge. Btw I have oil going to the turbo Any ideas? I'd like keep stock looking
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    Tdi conversion mechanic or shop in va

    What are you trying to do?
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    toyota swap

    Update: got the pump timed via vcds. Runs great. Then Got a chip for the ahu computer from Frankenyota. Thanks Ernie. It really moves out! Gonna be fun to drive