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    2015 Passat TDI - Full Tank/Gauge Issue

    Last fill up I had in my manual transmission 2015 Passat I had 838.4 miles (low fuel light on) requiring 16.453 US gallons of fuel with a range of 40 miles remaining, so a range of 768 miles is entirely possible.
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    NMS Parking Brake Cable

    Turns out I have a bad caliper. Lever for the parking brake on the right rear caliper is extremely hard to move and when I manage to move it, it won't return to the starting position unless I force it.
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    NMS Parking Brake Cable

    Has anyone replace a parking/hand brake cable on a 2015 Passat? The maintenance manual does not indicate what has to be removed from the vehicle to access the cable so it can be replaced.
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    Mirror switch knob fell off

    Pulled my off by accident. Just pushed back on. Its happened more than once, but it stay on it all you do is turn it.
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    NYTimes: TDIs Are Hot Commodity

    Filled up in Woodsboro, MD at $1.99 for diesel last week.
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    H8 size battery install in a 2015 Passat There are three battery trays listed.
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    Where are you putting your jackstands?

    The universal pinch weld adapter looked shallow to me as well. That is why I asked.
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    2015 Passat Fuel Pump Noise (I think)

    I found this part number on VW Parts Vortex for the diesel in tank fuel pump: 3AA-919-050-L
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    Where are you putting your jackstands?

    What adapter are you using?
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    Solid rear LCA bushings?

    Are you happy with the RS3 bushings?
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    History Of Diesel In The USA

    Had a 1976 diesel Peugeot 504 station wagon with a whopping 60 hp, 0-60 mph time was somewhere around 19 seconds. The most comfortable riding vehicle I have ever owned. The "Tin Worm" devoured it.
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    2012 TDI Stutters and doesn't shift in the AM

    When was the fuel filter replaced?
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    2015 Passat Oil Change...avoid the waterfall?

    The filter element is easier to remove and insert on the 2015. Dealing with the oil in the filter housing on the 2015 is more difficult for me. I managed to overflow the funnel I used during the initial draining the filter housing. Note to self, keep the funnel tightly up against the filter...
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    2015 Coolant pump/Tstat?

    I have a winter front on my 2015. Last night with a 6° F air temp, and not running the heater, it took 5 miles at 45 mph for the coolant gauge to indicate 190° F. The oil temp reading on the MFD was 123° F and at 13 miles it was 190° . Somewhere around an oil temp of 165° F the heat was turned...
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    H8 size battery install in a 2015 Passat

    There are different size battery trays available but the actual battery size designation is open to interpretation. The Interstate H8 is listed as a 95 Amp Hr battery: 3C0-804-869-E Battery Tray for 72 AMP HOUR BATTERY 3C0-804-869-D Battery Tray for 95 AMP HOUR BATTERY 1K0-915-333-H...