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    Brake recommendations

    Group, I'm at 103000 on my GSW MT with origianl brakes. They appear to be pretty good, but I think I will be doing front an rear pads and rotors in the next couple of months. Any on have any good, or bad, brake parts stories? I've bought all of my parts so far through ID Parts or the...
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    Looking for competent TDI mechanic in Chicago area

    Any recommendations for a competent TDI mechanic that can do the timing belt on my TDI?
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    Diesel particulate filter

    Since I'm nearing 100k I'm starting to pay attention to some of the upcoming maintenace needs. I assume the DPF was chaged during the recall fix and therefore the 120,000 mile check interval is now different? Also, is ir safe to assume the DPF falls under the extended warranty as part of the...
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    Manual trans fluid change?

    I'm at 95k on my 2015 GSW MT and wondering if I need to start thinking about the gearbox fluid? Anyone deal with this yet on thier mk7's? I have a BMW motorcycle which the trans fluid is to be changed every 8,000 miles, so I'm confused at the differences in need.
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    snow tire size on 2015 GSW TDI s

    Can anyone help me determine what size steel rims will fit my 2015 GSW for a set of winter tires? I want to by used, but am unfamilar with size and bolt offsets.
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    brake life

    I have a 2015 GSW 6M with just about 80k on the odometer (miles)....I check the brakes every 6k when rotating the tires and they just don't seem to be wearing down (it's a good thing)....wondering what kind of brake life those with manual trans are getting?
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    push button start acting up

    Anyone else having an issue with the push button start on their GSW? I need to push hard and a number of times to start or turn off the car. I've seen one write up to take out the switch and clean the contacts, but it's not clear how to take this button from the center counsel
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    Changed brake fluid

    Did my first brake/clutch fluid change on my 2015 GSW MT. Everything went pretty smooth. - Getting the air filter housing out of the way to access the clutch bleeder valve is a hassle. Took a good amount of force to free from the three grommets. - The clutch bleeder valve was weird, it does...
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    Hella running lights?

    Anyone mount the round Hella running lights on their MK7? I'd like to see photos, keep thinking I might like the install?
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    battery time

    I think I'm going to be proactive and put in a new battery on my 2015 GSW before it won't start.....any recommendations for best battery or should I just stick to the OEM?
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    big drop in fuel economy....winter blend already?

    In the last two weeks my fuel mileage has dropped into what I normally expect in the winter (Chicago)....I assume this is due to winter blend? When do the stations normally switch over?
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    Time for some tires

    I need new rubber....the stock Bridgestones Ecopias have given 60,000 which is unbelievable.....thinking about just getting those again, but wondering about the Goodyear Assurance......any input specifically from gsw owners appreciated.
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    changing brake and clutch unit fluids

    Is this a DIY job? I've bled brake systems on my motorcycles in the past, but never in a car....any DIY picture tutorials from members here?
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    60k service and fuel filter change a success

    First off thanks to this website for all of the insightful assistance. I'm, not sure why I had so much anxiety about changing the fuel filter myself. I've done plenty of maintenance work over the years and have changed oil (and fuel filters on gassers) countless times, but this is my first...
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    60,000 mile service

    Just noticed that USA Maintenance scheduled for 2015 states that brake and clutch unit fluid should be changed every three years regardless of mileage? looks like it recommends changing it every 20,000? Is that correct? Is there a thread showing how to do this anywhere?